now, the number of blogs in China has exceeded about 20000000, the market size is quite large. With the increase in the number of people and the influx of large amounts of content, the development of industry rules, strengthen the management of the blog appears to be in the eyebrow.

days ago, Chinese Internet Association published the "Convention" blog service discipline " on the site; the draft ", which comes; will actively guide and encourage the blog real name system. The introduction of the Convention, is undoubtedly an improvement in the development of China’s blog. At the same time, we should see whether the real name system, there is a big controversy in the industry, is Different people, different views. Some people think that the blog real name system is a retrogression of the spirit of the Internet is not conducive to freedom of speech. In this regard, I beg to differ.

as a follower of the blog real name system, the author two years ago in a trial, whether it is the DONEWS blog, the blog is still new, real name registration, and feel good. In practice, the industry is also no lack of real name advocates. At the end of January this year, Ma Xiaolin led the Bo network China launched the first real name system, caused a stir in the industry.

I believe that the network real name system, and does not stifle Internet Democracy and freedom of speech. On the contrary, in order to better protect the nature of democracy and freedom. However, based on the development of China’s social civilization and the status quo of the Internet, it is recommended that the real name system to take the road of voluntary and asymptotic.

one is voluntary. Freedom is the nature of the network. The Internet has been able to develop to today’s scale, the power of science and technology can not be achieved, and the power of freedom is the main driving force. One of the most important reasons for the decline of traditional media is the lack of freedom. Through the continuous improvement of the quality of blog users, through the blog service provider industry self-regulation, and constantly improve the blog real name system identity, make the real name system become a conscious and voluntary behavior. For some network problems is difficult, we need patience, with time to kill the pain of heart. If you take the means of coercion, Jihuo, may have the opposite effect.

two is asymptotically. In view of the diversity and complexity of network users, the implementation of the real name system should adhere to the principle of gradual and steady progress. For example, the website can according to their location, for some specific blog community took the lead in the implementation of real name system, which does not touch the violations of user privacy, and some of the professional, highly sensitive political blogs to strengthen guidance. The user can choose according to their own actual, real name blogs or anonymous blog, to upload their own content tailored to be arranged. In addition, the real name system, you can also name from " " start, only requires users to register with their real name. After the conditions are ripe, and gradually joined the ID number and the corresponding real name requirements, to achieve the real name system.

blog real name system, is not a great scourges, but also non universal purifier. Its implementation, >