fourth part: content analysis

analysis of micro-blog content, can be analyzed from the comprehensive analysis and the content of a single. Here comes the three tools are available for the analysis of non authorized micro-blog, with guiding significance. Micro-blog Fengyun


this application can provide a more comprehensive data, there is activity ranking, influence ranking, micro-blog rank and other indicators. They include the average number of micro-blog per day, this week, the number of micro-blog, micro-blog original rate, active fans rate, the number of certified fans, the average number of forwarding and comment. In addition, the field of interest to see its content and focus on the field of micro-blog. Another focus is "data statistics".


statistics here includes micro-blog (micro-blog content), fans attention, three large, micro-blog content analysis from the date distribution, time distribution, keywords, @, mentioned forwarding, sources, the recent popular micro-blog data recorded. And fans are concerned about the number of fans, the number of micro-blog, the number of days of registration, provinces, gender and other aspects of statistics, which includes only the fans of micro-blog fans fans. In the face of numerous data of a micro-blog, micro-blog how to use depends on the level of operation and maintenance personnel, such as a Y client to do precision marketing in the province, then select a micro-blog resources promotion, one factor to consider is the micro-blog Y has a number of active fans, reds.


at this time micro-blog Fengyun data can be used as a reference. Of course, the other is how to test your application data, when people stop killing, kill the Buddha Buddha block skill.

If you want to analyze a micro-blog

communication, then the "micro-blog tipping point" and "the number of fans forwarded statistics" is a good choice. The use of these two applications are similar, the importation of a micro-blog address, the analysis of the micro-blog radiation range and the number of people.



can only analyze the tipping point of nearly 2000 times forwarding communication personnel and coverage, and the latter is the theory of everything, but I used a few times feeling is not very accurate data. Get out of the data is not important, the key is to look at the process. Such as mine in the sea fishing marketing company who is the time to find the first few praise the sea fishing service is good and widely spread of micro-blog, and then analyze the key points of the spread of these micro-blog. A key point spread, can clearly see that an event is not hype, if a micro-blog is forwarded thousands of times, is one of the millions of fans of the Reds (micro-blog paid to turn it) as the key point spread, then this event is undoubtedly the hype. When a >