recent continuous operation of several companies to promote the blog case, these blogs are the founder of the company opened in Sina and Sohu above, mainly in home appliances, real estate, building materials, management training and other industries. Sina and Sohu in a number of blog users, the founders can be grassroots, no fame, natural growth blog access rate is very low, every day to 50, the total amount of access to less than 5000; the quality is relatively general, basic has not won the blog editor’s recommendation; not to mention visit the faithful community.

customer requirements are also very clear: to achieve 100 thousand growth per month, pre operation for three months. Enhance the popularity and influence of the founder of the company in the industry through the promotion of the blog’s traffic and visibility, thereby expanding the brand awareness of the enterprise. From the practical sense, this is a very feasible route. Through the blog to create a personal brand awareness has been a lot of examples, and shape the brand awareness of enterprises has also been widely used up, and even the emergence of a pioneer in e-commerce through the blog.

took over after the project team according to the topic of marketing model win road plough has carried on the analysis to the Sina blog and blog blog on Sohu channel, customers were diagnosed, the establishment of a personalized extension system and operation method for customer blog. The first half of the month, two days for the cycle to develop a list of topics; the second half of the month, to make a list of topics for a period of three days, a month later, the topic is to develop a list of topics for a period of five days. These topics are designed to follow the scientific routines, there are certain fixed patterns and direction.

topic design direction: one is the customer blog in the field, and the current popular events, in this field, hot news, hot topic character; two is the customer wants to convey to the outside world through the blog theory, experience and image, news and other information, the project team will work on these things, which is in accordance with the interest and information needs of users attention; three popular keywords are customer area nearly two years; four is the customer’s domain binding with other areas of popular events, current activities, news, people, products and other events; five is the same culture where the customer field grafting. Of course, which also involves more temporary play material and topics. The operation effect of the topic, is very obvious, such as the operation for the real estate customer blog, an article on housing prices fell in hits a gain of more than 40 thousand, around the Olympic Games before and after the property of the article, click on more than 20 thousand visits, one month more than 100 thousand.

good topic, good content, good title, good material, good point of view, of course, can not be separated from the specific promotion.

In fact,

personal blog promotion to it so much, estimated in over a period of time the eimc friends all know, the key has three kinds, one is recommended for the blog editor, on the blog channel home or home channel, of course topic is novel, the quality high, the best of the audience must have.

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