the morning of June 16th, the new media vertical "food boss reference" announces A round of 50 million yuan financing, valuation reached 250 million yuan. In July 2015, "food boss reference" obtained by the lion home to enjoy the new media fund collar vote 20 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, valuation of 100 million yuan. Less than a year, "food boss reference" valuation increase 1.5 times. (click to view the 2015 report: "exclusive: Food boss reference valuation 100 million")

June 15th, the new list Revisited "catering boss reference" founder of the Qin Dynasty, he said, over the past year they just do three things.

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from live to strategic financing

if the 2014 angel financing is to let myself down, then the 2015 Pre-A round of financing, in addition to the objective needs of development, "food boss reference" to the recognition of capital, expand awareness, establish brand awareness, build a moat, and competitors distance.

also proved that after receiving 20 million yuan financing jointly established by Wu Xiaobo the lion to enjoy the home fund collar vote, "exposure scale and frequency of food boss reference" in the second half of 2015 have a geometric exponential growth, the Qin Dynasty and another founder Tan Ye has become many new media forum guest. "Food boss reference" is also developing rapidly, the public number of users from fewer than two hundred thousand doubled several times, two days ago has just crossed the 800 thousand mark, becoming the first new media worthy of the name of catering industry.

this year, "food boss reference" has reached its third year, when the Pre-A round of 20 million yuan is not spent, they once again open to capital. A round of financing purposes and different, then more of a long-term development based on strategic financing.

founder of the Qin Dynasty (right), Tan wild A round of financing in the conference site

even in the winter capital, investors still come in a continuous line as the new media, the food and beverage industry in the Top 1, "food boss reference" is a good investment targets. Finally, the Qin Dynasty and Tan wild selection of the four investment institutions to become the new shareholders own beauty group, (hereinafter referred to as the "new"), today’s headlines, capital source, Qianwei central kitchen, they will be long-term strategy in the "reference" in the play an indispensable role.

central kitchen: the Qianwei rarely appears in public view in the company, with 25 million yuan investment led reference. But we are likely to be indirect users of it, miss the food as a wholly owned subsidiary of Qianwei central kitchen is behind many food star brand suppliers, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and so are their customer service. The central kitchen dining Qianwei deep supply chain, is the "food boss reference" will be one of the key business development.

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