[Abstract] Google launched online education mobile applications Primer, allowing users to learn the marketing and advertising industry 5 minutes to learn tips.

TNW Chinese station October 10th news


(micro-blog), officially launched a "Primer" online education, mobile applications, the company wants to use this app to help those newly start-up companies to grasp the marketing and search advertising industry "trick".

Google wrote on the official website of Primer: This is a rejection of advanced industry terminology, it takes only 5 minutes to learn useful practical marketing case of practical applications. Moreover, the application of all the cases and experiences are from the real scene of the industry, and jointly created by Google and marketing experts."

is reported that, Primer will be about five minutes of lectures for start-ups to provide targeted marketing of the basic teaching content. Google said the company hopes to turn the Primer into a can make the enterprise become more successful in marketing channels, because of some technical advertising products we have realized the company launched may be pulled between industry veteran and novice from inadvertently.

media pointed out that the teaching content of Primer mainly in the form of text interaction, it will be the first case of a reference to entrepreneurs, in the end on a case will have questions, entrepreneurs need to answer the questions after thinking, give their own answers to be mastered every skill.

sure, through this application makes technology start-ups can not only more easily grasp the marketing of Google’s advertising business and make these enterprises rapid growth, will also make Google’s own benefit. But it is interesting to point out that this application can only be downloaded through apple App Store, and Android platform users need to wait a while to download the application. (Tom)

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