Abstract: Diwali holiday has always been a retail electricity supplier in India and a hotly contested spot, India’s two largest electricity giant Flipkart and Amazon in the field of public opinion also did not forget to die bite opponents, staged a fierce debate across the air.


Diwali promotion season is always India electricity supplier and retail military a hotly contested spot, in recent years around the holiday promotions, the increasingly intense competition. This interesting is India’s two largest electricity giant Flipkart and Amazon, not only in the market to the real thing fought three hundred rounds in the field of public opinion also tightly bite opponents, staged a fierce debate across the air.

in the Amazon during Diwali in India is the most popular commercial washing powder, seasoning, egg and other daily necessities, Amazon sold something at Flipkart, is on the daily necessities at the singular flow together. Amazon said it was pleased to see consumers to buy their own daily necessities of the platform, Amazon made with three years of opponents did not do anything for the past ten years.

Flipkart and Diwali sales champion started this fall

Flipkart during Diwali 5 promotion season received a total of 15 million 500 thousand transactions, has become one of the best electricity supplier in India of the three giants. According to official data given by Flipkart, the company’s promotional season turnover reached 30 billion rupees (about RMB 3 billion). During the promotion season, the largest Flipkart sales of goods mainly for mobile phones, television, fashion, etc..

and Amazon India promotional season, although the number of transactions did not exceed Flipkart, but also very close to the total number of transactions 15 million pen, the specific sales of Amazon has not been disclosed. The most popular platform during Diwali goods mainly concentrated in the intelligent mobile phone, fashion, daily necessities (washing powder, spices, groceries and other fields).

is probably due to the best during the Diwali season promotion performance, gave Flipkart comments emboldened opponents. Recently, Flipkart CEO Binny Bansal first to the Amazon fire, Amazon is wrong on consumer demand judgment, the main sales of daily necessities, by washing powder, churan (Jianweixiaoshi health care products in India), egg of this kind of product sales. The Flipkart is selling real hardware there is no cheap goods.

Amazon to fight back: to meet all the needs of consumers is the real electricity supplier

challenge for the Flipkart, Amazon immediately respond. Amazon CEO India Amit Agarwal recently told the media, for consumers to buy the daily needs of the Amazon, he felt very proud. Meet all the needs of consumers on behalf of the future electricity supplier. Amazon during Diwali promotion.

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