network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises or will bring a warm winter

in recent years, including e-commerce, the Internet provides a new marketing channel for China’s small and medium enterprises and bring new opportunities for development. China’s small and medium-sized enterprises through the Internet to understand the globalization, to open up the idea of innovation and transformation of enterprises. China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, the population of the advantages of domestic clothing, textiles, toys and other labor-intensive enterprises to develop rapidly. Global 1/4 straws from China, 1/3 socks are made in China, 7/10 toys made in china. But now the "China good times don’t last long, but in winter in manufacturing".

financial crisis, e-commerce into life-saving straw

the US subprime mortgage crisis triggered a global financial crisis, global integration pattern of the China could not escape the robbery. In China, the most direct is the negative impact on China’s real economy. The global financial downturn, rising raw material prices, the pressure of competition has so many small and medium enterprises suffering, and the appreciation of the RMB is that corporate profits shrunk or even losses.

Ma Yun said the winter has come, small and medium enterprises began to seek a variety of ways to deal with the crisis. On the one hand, the cost control, the use of information tools to strengthen capital management and control, speed up the use of funds, reduce the cost of capital is the most concerned about the current management or is being put into practice. Another important aspect is to sell their products, in which, through the network to expand their original sales channels, the development of new customers to create a profit now become the first choice for smes. Network can make small and medium enterprises in the information is not the same as the original block, the market demand will be more sensitive. Through the resources and the rapid transformation of e-commerce platform, we can keep the profit and competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, electronic commerce breaks through the limitation of time and space of small and medium-sized enterprises. In fact, some small and medium-sized enterprises through early low cost network marketing has gained significant returns, can effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises to expand the market, reduce costs, and realize the expenditure. So, more and more small and medium enterprises began to believe that the efficiency of e-commerce, and actively participate in.

but a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises have entered a misunderstanding, think network marketing is very simple, e-commerce is nothing more than to the enterprise to acquire a day to Alibaba such as B2B computer, B2C website, open a store can open a new sales channel for their products. Especially in the present, the network marketing seems to become small and medium-sized enterprises to help straw, "as long as there is the enterprise website, can promotional products through the web site through the winter." In fact, this is part of the management of the wrong understanding of network marketing. Therefore, the enterprise network marketing promotion mode is closely related to the brand position, product pricing strategy, to invest in the right place to become a new impetus for innovation and upgrading.

network marketing, the three elements must be

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