Internet overnight become the salvation of the spirit of the traditional enterprise program. Many companies put on this coat, it seems really to kumufengchun. But the concept can never serve as retail shield, cruel place in this industry is that it is always used in digital speech.

gives several figures from the Ministry of Commerce, the first three quarters of 2014, China’s retail sales growth of 10.5%, among them, professional stores, department stores and supermarkets and other traditional formats are increased by 6.7%, 7.1% and 6.6%. It is not difficult to see that the growth rate slightly higher than the Department store. But this is not worth the joy, because their growth is unstoppable collective decline.

in March 31st this year, intime Department announced the annual report in 2014, which sales growth of 8%, this figure seems to be in the industry for the department store how much recovery face. Because in 2013, the sales of the top 15 companies in the mainland single department stores, there are more than the performance of the department store in compared with a decline in, the same flat in 2012. Positive growth in the 10, only an increase of 2 to reach the figure of two, while the rest are low growth.

on the contrary, the electricity supplier’s momentum is like God help, the growth curve continued upward. The same data from the Ministry of Commerce, the first three quarters of 2014, the scale of electricity supplier reached 1 trillion and 820 billion, the growth rate of nearly 49%, almost the size of the annual sales in 2013.

it is no wonder that the department stores have launched the electricity supplier. One of the most stunts than Wanda electricity supplier, this new listed Real Estate Company, Baidu, Tencent force O2O, the big movement, but not a fantastic effect. A large business group and intime also gradually test the water and electricity providers, especially large business groups, as Chinese largest retail enterprises, launched last year, Tengu, just a few months time has more than 400 thousand members, the daily average reached more than 10% single conversion rate, you know this number in the traditional electricity supplier only 2%.

but a few happy tears, into the business 9 years Wangfujing has once again broke the bad news business. In its annual report released in 2014, Wangfujing electricity supplier losses reached 42 million 62 thousand and 800 yuan. Run for nearly 10 years, the old department store still so, big business group and other new players on the line under the legend of the continuation of the line

department store into the plight of the electricity supplier

department store industry may fall into the lowest point in more than a decade, which is a lot of people in the industry feel. Hollowing out of manufacturing, lack of brand power and so on, hindering the development of the Department store. But this can not explain the annual growth of electricity supplier jump.

2007, Wangfujing department store became the first batch of e-commerce to test the waters of e-commerce, select several cities as a pilot electricity supplier business. Until 2012, the independent operation team was formally established, the following year is invested 100 million yuan. Followed by the Wangfujing department store intime department store, in 2010 on-line intime network to >

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