is engaged in the electricity supplier services in terms of a friend is not a new topic of electricity supplier thank you, if you say you did not hear the electricity supplier letter of thanks, it’s a little OUT. I first heard the electricity supplier is a big promotion letter in the electricity supplier. If you buy things in the double eleven, Mid Autumn Festival, new year’s day and other holidays, you should receive a similar thank you.

write electricity supplier letter of intent is to enhance the user experience, enhance customer satisfaction. When buyers waiting for a long time finally got their own online shopping goods, some goods have been found after the opening pressure. And when the buyer is very angry for complaints of businesses, he saw the business to his letter of thanks, see the business about delivery pressure and business promotion activities in the online shopping process of sincere service attitude, most users will eventually understand and accept this not too perfect.

this is the first electricity supplier to bring the effect of the letter of thanks. Thanks are also similar: the first is for customers to buy mode; then describes the business promotion activities in the busy work state; finally will write some hope that customers understand the words, like "courier warehouse explosion, delivery failures and so on; finally is the business to the customer and merchant signature thanks again.

because many businesses are using similar models to write electricity supplier letter of thanks, so the value of the electricity supplier letter of credit is also declining. In this case, some businesses began to doubt the role of the letter of thanks. But I have found in recent years, the process of online shopping, and some businesses in the daily order of each has added a letter of thanks. Electricity supplier in the end the letter of gratitude is not it?

to share the following two features thank you letter:

1 electricity supplier letter of thanks on the back of business opportunities


electricity supplier letter of thanks on the back of business opportunities

reason why the electricity supplier to share this letter of thanks, because I think this business to thank the letter to the extreme. Thanks to the credit printing, paper are very beautiful, the cost should not be low. The letter is printed on both sides, in addition to the customer can see the business letter of thanks, thanks to businesses carefully arranged can see the back of the letter content: commodity recommendation; pressure stovepipe socks legs principle; suitable crowd; correct use method; writing evaluation incentives; business address, telephone service, WeChat and other information. And thanks to the letter itself to write a few reasons why businesses sell less, due to the limited supply, very interesting.

2 shopping list on the back of the thank-you letter

in another online shopping, opened for the first time found the packing of the goods, the shopping list is necessarily a piece of A4 paper, the cost is not low, a little joke of the big company is not professional. But when turned to the back of the original shopping list found on the back of a letter of thanks. Thank you for the letter include: the buying behavior of customers for content less; return policy; return procedures; return address; a refund; business contact information. In fact, businesses are disguised to reduce the cost of the letter of gratitude

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