a few months ago, Suzhou has a home to sell semi-finished dishes fresh O2O companies ready to sell, the company responsible person to find out I want to help sell, I have been recommended and circle of friends, but ultimately no one received. Coincidentally, yesterday, the person in charge Ji Mingfa good news, said the company has completed the transfer of equity, and has been transformed into O2O technology services company, is pleased.

at the same time, I have a few thoughts:

: the first fresh O2O, especially the C end market, don’t touch the two or three line of the city, you can not afford to cultivate consumer buying habits, recommended shaoanwuzao.

second: no two money in his pocket, please shaoanwuzao, fresh O2O play is not more than the concept of network, is the real capital and strength.

third: if you did not meet the above two points, but also want to try, first proposed in the community in the stall to experience something, and then checking ways of thinking.

in recent years, fresh industry in fission, I used to count Chinese ten fresh business enterprise, then the national small together but also more than a dozen a year later I can name has not less than 30, and from all kinds of brush out of the circle of friends have not yet heard of the enterprise the fresh, O2O is one of the core mode of everyone’s attention.

I talk about this article the protagonist of "Chu Yi era", congratulations on the Chu Yi era produced the "kitchen Yi Station" after three times of iterative upgrade, has finally launched the first intelligent unmanned selling food delivery machine, I called "selling robots", its core summed up as "intelligence".


summarized six points:

is the most advanced selling machine, a number of inventions and patents.

the spot cash coin settlement, can do card recharge card consumption.

can control the temperature, can control sales, information intelligent management.

the machine online orders from mentioning, can be scheduled overnight delivery.

comes with the information and media function, operation and monitoring.

, the Shanghai municipal government support 1000 new energy vehicles security logistics distribution.

I still admire Chu Yi era founder Mr. Shen Junwei’s tenacity and ability to develop, on the intersection of the just ended, even also praise the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Han Zheng to see the robot when.

kitchen era easy to create a two shopping scene:

first: B2C shopping scene.

community residents through online ordering and on-site purchase combination (Chu Yi Station exhibition window, customers can observe and on-site sale) in the District, to set up the "robot" purchase or extraction from three meals a day to dinner dinner can meet.

second: B2B shopping scene.


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