Google designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, released in September 1998 beta, a year after the official start of commercial operations. Google due to innovation on the search engine technology and won numerous awards, such as the U.S. "time" magazine’s "1999 top ten network technology " one of the" personal computer "magazine awarded the" best technology award, " The Net awarded the best search engine for " etc.. Google is now the world’s more than and 80 gateway and endpoint sites to support customers in all more than and 20 countries. Google is good at ease of use and high correlation. Google provides a series of revolutionary new technologies, including a complete text correspondence technology and advanced PageRank sequencing technology, which can ensure that important search results in front of the list of results.

In early

2000, Yahoo announced that it would no longer use Inktomi search services, and instead of Google as its search engine technology provider, which makes Google fame. At present, Google has been reached with the NetEase company agreement since September 15th, NetEase uses Google technology to provide a new generation of Chinese users to search engines, Chinese search engine Google is one of Asia’s largest collection of web search engine, which is Google expand the global information infrastructure market. According to the agreement between the two sides, NetEase users can not only through the Google access to 24 million Chinese pages, you can also access all of the directory in which more than 1 billion 300 million of the Web file. Currently, Google users have been able to use 25 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian and spanish. The Google company is aspiring for services to enrich the content, such as Japanese, Korean and other customized search engine service.

1. Knowledge to be understood

1, Google search results provided in a number of very useful service

"snapshot" – that is, when the search content of the web site or do not exist, the user can call Google in advance for the user to store the large emergency ", after Google treatment, the search term with different color mark, in addition to the file header information time and date, and to remind the user just archive. In fact, Google will search the web pages have done a "snapshot" and then put on their own servers, the benefits of doing so is not only fast download, and

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