ask the world what love is? Straight people


everything from the word "love".

even changed, from ancient to modern times, numerous hills and streams…… Always only under the brow, but the heart of love.

who can really do ABSP, do not take a cloud?


if there is a meeting of minds, it is happy to know the Wei Dynasty and Jin dynasty.

who did you fall in love with?

Gao Fushuai or a tech man?

childhood sweetheart? Or you


can not love or love Petals drop and waters flow.?


appears even in the choice, however,

have you ever been in love with a consumer


do you know how to make consumers fall in love with you


because of love

— a new model of the combination of emotional marketing and social media marketing

is said to be the most likely to fall in love with the consumer marketing guru is the snake in the garden of eden. Because it is impossible to complete the task: the contraband – Apple sold to the consumer demand of Xia Wa.

in the era of information scarcity, we have the ability to search for information is particularly strong, read the clouds look at the weather, according to the animal’s trail to find food, detect the smell of the enemy to avoid danger…… In the information explosion today, we learned how to quickly pick out the multitude of information the most useful information and shielding a lot of useless information.

so the business owners are frustrated that most of the product’s promotional information is automatically shielded by smart consumers. In order to enable consumers to actively seek, read the brand information, product information is simply difficult. But there are exceptions! – he even became the world’s people "faith" magic, "apple", of course, it is not the apple in the garden of Eden, nor that hit Newton on the head, but the "powder" to many obsessions, to the new iPhone 4S, exhausted various queuing techniques, comparable to the spring – Chinese battle "apple". It seems in the past before Apple CEO Jobs, the world will enter the era of emotional economy. In the new economic era, the emotional resonance with consumers, create a memorable experience for customers is essential. Apple advocates the spirit of Macintosh, the core of which is to encourage innovation, adventurous value. Jobs succeeded in turning the brand into a symbol, that is: innovation, but not bound, with personal independence of conduct temperament. Coincided with the exact values of the target consumer groups, allowing users to think that the product is an endorsement of their personal style. Similar to my site I call the shots "or" lene. ".

if you feel apple and

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