when a company to be honest to face a problem as a communication opening, the human nature could be easily removed from the original in the heart of the armed forces, and open their mind, then the company can be in a good position to a positive input information, but also to focus to appeal to potential conduction the hearts of customers.

when honest admit one of their missing, potential customers will take the initiative to help make up for an advantage. Why honesty can play effect in the marketing operation? Because of its disarmament role when frank, for each negative statements made, it is easy to be accepted immediately as truth, be like on the other hand, positive statements, often be accepted when the half believe and half doubt, can only continue to confirm positive statements. Until the potential customer satisfaction, but the negative statements but does not need to support these statements or evidence. In the modern society of information explosion, there is a strong defense and suspicion of the marketing products, and only a few companies to face the truth.

just want to use honest marketing will need to be very careful, these skills are very difficult, Changsha network marketing company believes it is necessary to generally negative information that is causing disadvantages, potential customers feel empathy, if you cannot do this resonate, but will give people which is engaged in what doubt furthermore, to be able to quickly put the focus to the positive information, establish a can convince potential customers to verify the benefits of honesty is the best policy.

hutch hegemony marketing

At the beginning of the

, a new product class would be a ladder with many levels, but over time, the ladder would be reduced to only two levels.

look at the marketing operation in the long run, will find the marketing war often evolved into between the two major brands of wrestling, and usually have left the old brand brand is reliable and emerging to help understand that the bright younger generation, planning and marketing strategy in the short term is omitted, the successful marketing personnel should the front focus on product ladder two level, perhaps at the beginning, the market continues to grow in third or fourth place seems full of attractive, sales have continued to grow, to new customers are not familiar with the products continue to enter the market on the market, we do not know who is leading so we choose the brand, look attractive or interesting brand is good, it will use third or fourth brand sales continued to increase.

, however, with the passing of night time, customers will gradually understand the product and market, they will try to buy the leading brand, because we recognized the leading brand is the best, then if you happen to be in the third row, don’t double tyrants of market attack, but try to find a profitable the market niche is.

so marketing is a product war, is based on the logic of thinking, but also because it will make the top two brands to maintain a leading position and not fall, because the customer finds >

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