brand change is a very interesting phenomenon: on the one hand, the product brand is gradually differentiated, while on the other hand, the brand is moving to the end of the channel. The latter is the direct impact of: many Taobao shops are gradually forming a store brand. Chicago Manchester is one example, in the hair care category, the use of the old user’s personalized service and marketing propped up a brand.


a golden crown, team twenty men, 10 years in the hair care category sales first, according to the annual sales increase to 1.5 times. Chi Mann’s growth path is like a small fire to simmer good soup, not rash, slowly progressive.

adhere to the sub categories, adhere to professional, adhere to the high-end line. The shopkeeper says. And this is only the three to 10 year old man zhi. In that has not prevailed in the era of small and beautiful, and the product, the customer and the market of small and beautiful, let it go to the front of a number of Taobao sellers, so how can not lead to the effect of advance?

starting point: to grasp the "professional" and "high-end" natural clay

in 2003 before entering Taobao, orange has formed its own customer circle on onlylady. At that time, she was still at work, something all right, love bubble forum, talk about hair care experience, there are a lot of "in the course of contacts, fans". They often ask the orange "what products do you use", and then "what products do you recommend?". For a long time, some commercial orange gradually smell the opportunity, with a friend of mine worked in L’OREAL company, to solve the problem of the source for her. So, open shop becomes logical.

"I took the customer into the Taobao," said this, the orange is quite proud of. And those who grew up on the Taobao shop is different, when the orange into the Taobao, is some home foundation. The first few years, she was on the number of fans to enjoy the shops.

from the beginning of a few days, to the development of dozens of single, to today’s hundreds of single, Chicago’s development speed is not fast, but steady development, in the orange view, this and his 10 years to adhere to the sub categories, adhere to professional, adhere to the high-end line is inseparable.

personal care products on the market are divided into two categories, namely professional line and line. Usually you can buy in the supermarket is the line of products, the professional line of shampoo and hair care products, the general provisions of manufacturers only sell in the salon, you want to use in the hair under the guidance of teachers, because of the need through specific analysis for the hair, and then to guide consumers to purchase.

product line segmentation, on the one hand is the embodiment of professional degree, on the other hand is also out of consideration of marketing strategy." Orange said, for example, the general price of the product line is relatively low, and professional line products can sell more expensive."

from the beginning to choose the professional line products, the development of Chi

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