perhaps you are heading into the title, I want to see what I sell gourd medicine, since they have come, and look down to see my understanding of marketing. Throughout the 2014 the most popular to the number of micro business, the unprecedented hot, you will find that students usually disappear in the circle of friends, began to brush the crazy cosmetics advertising. What is this feeling, like a double eleven home before good girlfriend, double eleven day vigil brush enough ten thousand or twenty thousand, let you ruin a little. But the problem has come, micro marketing from the beginning of the novel, the high value of marketing, and now has begun to become more and more devalued, wave after wave of micro business into the post, the death of more slowly up. More and more of the master appeared, it is certain, if all goes well, the master of the emergence of no significance, the emergence of the master means that micro business began to become more and more difficult to do. The great 28 law is still followed, more and more into the WeChat business trend, which will be more and more people killed in micro entrepreneurs on the road, the rest of the two years passed……

sell the same products in the same platform to do, but can play a lot of fun is often a minority, most people do not work well. Is not that they do not know the way, but do not know how to play, you can say that most people are playing the way, the intermediate people are playing skills, master level play is thinking. But I found a circle of friends, space, or even a way to do not play a lot, with skills and thinking there are one hundred and eight thousand miles. I am very fond of advertising, especially the promotion of advertising, which can be found in business opportunities and creativity, I think last night a micro business or a marketing staff, look at advertising is very necessary. When someone else’s advertising is full of new ideas constantly, bright, vivid, when a person is alive, you every day or some cold products, are beginning to fail gate. In fact, the same is true of WeChat, micro credit is actually alive, not behind the robot, is a real person, and people have a dream to pursue, the most important thing is that people are flawed. Ma Yun said, have trouble where there is opportunity, in fact, has the disadvantage of local also have the opportunity, the water to flow, people go up, fill the shortcomings is that everyone has the instinct of demand. Every day without the skill study methods to end this, do a little, play like that, what, behind is not as good on your face customer groups have what is missing, what hope is to get, as long as they lack these things, you can help, to do marketing, the chances of success on a lot of big.

this thing, once the Internet can be found everywhere in all cases, this method is not suitable, hoping to use this method to do is not so simple, either you work hard enough, or you are smart enough. The vast network, do not expect others to tell you everything is free, since it is free to tell you, but also free to tell others. All the time I would suggest that you pay for the difference in information. Those who just want to get what they don’t want to pay are destined to find the essence of things on the Internet

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