what is the demand of the product the product demand is to achieve a set of goals need to realize the function and characteristics of the product description can be divided into the following dimensions:


1 external demand and internal demand

The former

from various channels to collect user feedback, such as the micro-blog QQ WeChat group customer service email customer service call, feedback channels and their products (such as forum service area, instant online consultation window etc.); the latter from the internal company, such as the boss and other departments feedback. These feedback are usually not very clear, the need for the operation of the students finishing mining, communication research and refining the demand. If you don’t throw it all sorted by R & D students to handle it – will be Bi (Qia) (SI) as the……

2 improved demand and new demand

they are from 1 to 10 and from 0 to 1. My personal recommendation is improved if the existing products can be used, do not try to reinvent the wheel, unless the original product from the orientation to the style of all with new demand is not consistent. This requires the operation of existing product positioning and functions well, according to the needs to formulate a reasonable solution to the problem, and sometimes can not achieve the purpose of product changes. This is not very efficient ~

is the most afraid of racking our brains to do a product, do not consider whether they can use the existing lead, leaving a pile of unfinished projects, said can also make do can use each other, positioning is not clear, the late operation promotion is not good to do; at the same time in a lot of redundant code difficult to maintain, if a person in charge leave no one can say this product and reinvent the wheel over the sequence of events…… Great waste of manpower and material resources.

3 general requirements and precision requirements

The former

such as "now the editor is too hard to use for a bar, a lot of code formats are not supported, such as" the latter requires a except now support code format, can also support markdown syntax editor". A lot of user feedback is that the former needs, we must thoroughly understand the analysis, or too general not specific requirements, can not be achieved, even if implemented, will because the demand is not clear and lead to delays and revisions, the final meet trouble, all participants are busy not happy, rather early with some more time to demand clear.

4 to solve the problem needs and improve the efficiency of

"I need a user to send a message to the background" and "I need to be able to export their own characteristics in line with the list of users to send e-mail to them". But the latter needs to assess the frequency of use, if you are using a high demand, development is still necessary, otherwise every time to find research students to export the mailbox is in trouble; if it is for a temporary project, or a year can not use low frequency several times demand, >

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