With the rapid development of electronic commerce

cosmetics, the cosmetics marketing network marketing has become the focus of the topic, the cosmetics e-commerce platform to enhance brand awareness and reputation through a variety of ways, so as to improve the conversion rate. In the rapid development of information technology today, the cosmetics network marketing can provide endless marketing, including the more prominent include: word of mouth marketing, WeChat marketing, soft marketing and visual marketing. In this regard, the construction of cosmetics website with Swiss information technology (www.web0551.com.cn) to simply talk about these four ways, and a brief analysis.

first: word of mouth is the key

generally occurs in word-of-mouth marketing between friends, colleagues, classmates, relatives and other more closely related groups, and for the network marketing, the most important is the users of the commodity and commodity recommendation evaluation. In this way the user tells the user to enhance the user’s stickiness and loyalty.

in fact, reputation is built on the brand, not a good brand to let users all know, how to carry out word-of-mouth? Among them, LAFONT network is the use of the star effect, visibility was soon known, word of mouth can quickly. Jumei.com rely on the following three steps to establish a good brand:

1) join the TV program;

2) shooting TV commercials, set up Chen EC;

3) celebration of the 3 anniversary of the introduction of discount activities.

second: WeChat is a trend

WeChat since its launch, it has attracted the attention of users, and the current amount of users is still rising, WeChat marketing gradually into people’s sight. In the thirty-eighth Guangdong International Beauty Expo, found that many cosmetics companies have begun to focus on the WeChat marketing, many manufacturers of the WeChat two-dimensional code design in the brochure and shelves.

had to admit that WeChat has set off a wave of marketing, then WeChat marketing in the end what mode can bring more convenience to the cosmetics website


1) check out the people around you: using a personalized signature for a mandatory advertising campaign;

2) sweep by scanning in the form of two-dimensional code to find the target users can discount activities;

3) drift bottles: use "throw" and "fishing" in the form of marketing;

4) circle of friends: to better expand the sharing of word-of-mouth marketing.

third: the most common soft

soft is to implant into the article, the user how to be interested in the article, which contains a lot of skills. For cosmetics website do soft Wen promotion, must grasp the following points, in order to achieve the effect of soft Wen promotion:


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