2014, Ali official and made several more conducive to Tmall mall construction regulations, "flagship" and "monopoly" and other words only for Tmall to use Tmall mall retain a small flow, however, the government proposed to tax policy is also really nieyibahan, policy to policy, we also have to thin, soldiers to be blocked, and then seize the opportunity to profit and growth of each line.

to prepare for the 2014 double eleven day, your shop orders this year to rise into a few? Did the shop know before the promotion "preparation", do double eleven for the first time may be more confused, but also has the advantages of a total fearless: what promotion way also, dare to try.

Next we

from the station two to talk about the layout of the online promotion strategy, how can help you increase your order quantity, good effective way who are not guaranteed, but we have more accurate operating experience in the promotion.

station promotion must have ideas

natural flow is of course free traffic all the shops most valued, but the flow of operations is not just a simple "natural", we need to pay attention to, and control the product title and keyword search on the shelf time, even considering whether to adopt the recommended window, pay attention to the change of product sales, all kinds of precision set no less than a heart promotion.

but, today we focus on the promotion of ideas within the station.

promotion two weapon: train and train and drill drill show! Show is not simple to control the main, but the economic ability, experienced people better choose a promotion, pay attention to the control of the ratio of input and output.

train can use hot words to make the price ranking, from 4.28 to 1.25 the first page of the third page, quality need to create a proper fraction, until the last to do 10 points, and the best in the double eleven giant beginning to prepare for activities. If necessary, you can improve the conversion rate or click rate (the core of the quality score is the click rate).

for drilling exhibition, must make different choices based on their own product category, some suitable for directional some suitable for the masses, not what better and not good presentation, only the most suitable way of exhibition drill. Because the drill exhibition is to show the charges on employers for a picture of the click rate or to do some measurements, which belongs to the process of trial and error, will spend a lot of seemingly redundant promotion fee, but believe me, you are definitely more than pay, there is one of the most direct the strategy is: to teach art exhibition play drill data, let you know a good art can bring much more efficient flow for you, he will do better.

station in the promotion of the idea is only one: in the scope of the ability to double the eleven activities formally launched before testing all the data on the display of the product!

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