do micro business, it is nothing more than two things: choose the product, sell good products. However, in the specific implementation, the mask of a lot of people found that the first step on the wrong. The product did not choose the right, behind a lot of time and effort, the effect is not good, but it is not suspected where they do not do a good job.


so for all micro business, the first problem to be solved, but also the most important issue is how to choose the product.

first, the analysis of the current situation of grassroots micro quotient

if you look at some of the circle of friends, analysis of the current situation of grassroots micro business, we found that can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1, a single brand / single product sales

this kind of micro business, the most focused, the contents of the circle of friends to create a basic focus on a single brand products. For example, the sale of several major brand mask, it belongs to this kind of situation. Sell to sell, are around the concept of brand, mask.

2, a single concept, a number of brands and products

, such as the concept of the main skin care, then it is possible to sell the mask, but also sell toner, horse oil and other products. Even the mask, it is possible to sell several brands at the same time, different concepts of the product.

3, multi product, multi brand, multi concept grocery store

circle of friends mess, what are selling. Today is still selling clothes, began selling snacks tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and sell mask.

two, micro analysis of the core advantages of

at Sellers circle of friends, some people’s efforts are not successful, some people muddleheaded money. If we want to have a systematic, sustained success, we must think clearly where the core point of micro business advantage.

1, one of the core strengths of trust relations

and Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, defect derivative is the lack of a sound evaluation system of shops (such as the Taobao store level), that is to say, after the stranger, there is no way to directly through the system to judge you this "shop" is not reliable, the product is good.

so why can you sell the goods


because for many people, WeChat’s friends are working and living in the real friends. They come to you to buy products, not based on the "shop" trust, but the trust of your people.

so, the first step in the 90% micro business, are the first to sell products to real life friends, this transaction was established, the core advantage is: trust.

2, the core advantage of the two, is the profit margin and re purchase

Most of the

derivative, the number of friends circle of friends is not much, but it can reach a monthly income of over 10000,


is the first product profit

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