as a network of people engaged in the education industry for five years, also experienced a number of changes in marketing, from SEO to SEM to WeChat marketing…… Change too fast, so that many enterprises have not thrown a few blocks react! The analysis about personal experience from several cases, and a little sweetness in the process of continuous transformation and tasted


, 2013, out of personal interest, on a whim, grass root by using the micro-blog model, registered " in the rise of WeChat public number when studying abroad; Encyclopedia of " the micro signal, in view of some industry unspoken rule, considering the name of public service under the banner to attract the intention of customers. Build up the pool, followed by a variety of activities in the planning and customer service consulting interaction to obtain customer contact (industry insiders know…… ), of course, also reached the expected, the average monthly can obtain about 60 customer information, without investing any cost of the case at the same time, because the content of the utility, also won the majority of fans spread slowly, until now, in the absence of any other publicity situation, the country has accumulated around more than 11 thousand fans of the intention to study.

through this operation, there are some experience:

1 built ponds, first of all need to content to win, get the first batch of fans, to serve them well, through their content will spread out;

2 strong interaction, can be established by the form of automatic reply to the customer’s intention to learn the country, and then through the simple interaction of customer service to obtain contact information (facts have proved that this method is still very effective)

3 do the planning, after the pond and the interaction of OK, you can start planning all kinds of activities, to send books to send learning materials!! anyway, all free things, everyone is full of interest! So it can get to a large number of customer information behoove you! Go to a year. WeChat, at least to get a list of 100, this year with WeChat customers reduced activity, also fell


at the same time, this year the WeChat public number are releasing a signal of danger: WeChat is currently the public number of fans increases very slowly, the enterprise may be more slowly, at the end of September this year, the author has registered a " overseas foreign language " micro signal, through large; take the form of promotion, are currently only 900 effective fans, visible WeChat groups active in reducing, with increasing the cost of marketing is also WeChat


two, the face of the fans get rising cost of the situation, the beginning of this year, the author will focus more on the line under the integration plan, May, from chicken activities to send a company doing a few years ago, the successful planning to send chicken activities in some domestic universities, only through a copy of WeChat campus push one day, get a list of more than 2 thousand, so that the brand spread rapidly in the campus, expanding the visibility in the student population.


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