series of psychology of products has entered the key chapter – thinking. Product thinking is the core competitiveness of product managers, as a product manager, with what kind of product thinking on what kind of product. Today we talk about the image of thinking and product innovation those things".


concept explanation: what is image thinking?

image thinking mainly refers to people’s understanding of the world in the process, with the help of imagination and image, etc., from the visual image of the material (image) in the cognitive way of thinking, so as to solve the problem.

Experimental study of

on cognition and behavior psychology found that our brain is mainly responsible for intuitive, comprehensive, geometric, painting, it bear the function of image thinking plays a vital role in people’s thinking, so some people will put the image thinking as "right brain thinking".

image thinking Abstract (logic / left) thinking that, in the process of information is in order, end to end, linear, image thinking can be called many vivid materials, all together to form a new image or jump by an image to another image. The process of processing information is not a series, but parallel, planar or three-dimensional.

so, image thinking is more creative when solving problems. In the field of Internet products, a master is known as "the right, be not of the common sort of thinking" is the perfect interpretation.

Jobs creative password

2008, Apple launched the thinnest laptop MacBookAir. In order to prove the thin MacbookAir, Jobs put the computer into the kraft paper bag, the success of the global notebook triggered a thin wave. A simple kraft paper bag, not only effortlessly expressed the MacbookAir frivolous, and ultimately even become a symbolic existence.


through this example, you may already know, image thinking can direct the eyes to see the picture, ears hear the sound, nose smell the smell, tongue to taste, skin products with tactile perception image in the minds of these memories, when people perceive the new phenomenon, similar to the new phenomenon of perceived image memory followed by the image will be activated, all will change the image in the minds of the people, to help us better to solve the problem.

Jobs is on the basis of this way of thinking, have a certain inspiration, but also to the apple products brought infinite creativity. So, we as ordinary people, a father Joe’s imagination and understanding of Zen, how do we get the innovation ability in the normal work of


as we know, the innovation ability mostly from the right.

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