August 1st afternoon, the theme of ChinaJoy · venture in Shanghai during the opening of the forum, Tencent open forum, causing developers to participate enthusiastically. Tencent Inc vice president Peng Jiaxin in his speech topic announced that the Tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) has settled in Shanghai bounds creative park. Tencent open platform and mobile application platform Hou Xiaonan, deputy general manager of the Tencent to share the latest open and entrepreneurial support policies at the forum, and revealed that as of now, Tencent application treasure day distribution has reached 76 million. At the same time, the effect of the advertising platform Tencent deputy general manager Zhang Minyi showed wide points through strong marketing, profitability, market Tencent’s cloud platform general manager Ceng Jiaxin share Tencent characteristics of cloud gaming service. In addition, high-quality game developers on behalf of "do not step on the white pieces" founder Chen Hongzhen, senior vice president of music elements Xu Hui with their own case to share their core elements for the success of the developers.

Tencent entrepreneurial base landing Shanghai one-stop entrepreneurial support

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Developer Forum, related to the leadership of Tencent Inc vice president Peng Jiaxin and Shanghai municipal government jointly announced the Tencent entrepreneurial base (Shanghai) settled in Xuhui District bounds Creative Industry Park, hatch area of nearly 2500 square meters. As an important part of the Tencent to support the development of entrepreneurship under the line, Tencent entrepreneurial base has always been committed to providing developers with a sound business environment and one-stop business services. Through exposure traffic support, multi platform openness, liquidity foster entrepreneurship cost sharing, knowledge and physical resources to support training system including six major policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial base is a comprehensive Tencent gather outstanding team of developers and entrepreneurs to cultivate high-quality entrepreneurship projects.

Shanghai municipal government also attaches great importance to the construction of Tencent business base, according to the relevant leaders of the municipal government, the Xuhui District government not only to the venue rental base underpinning, also superimposed incubators and industrial policies, hoping to support the ability of Tencent developers, with Shanghai as the first national brand center construction industry incubator, focus on digital entertainment, O2O, wearable devices in areas such as business enterprises, integration of industry resources to form a system of incubation incubation + investment +.

application treasure day to break through 76 million mobile games a little access to

Hou Xiaonan introduced in his speech, the Tencent announced the opening of three years, has successfully gathered the 3 million outstanding developers. As of the end of 2013, a total of third party developers to bring the total revenue of more than 5 billion, by the end of 2015 will create a return of 10 billion developers. Hou Xiaonan mentioned in his speech, the application of treasure platform, multi scene distribution system in the past six months has made great progress, the daily distribution has exceeded 76 million, the growth rate of more than half a year, more than 50%. At the same time, the application of it, micro download, red code and the amount of self service and other open capacity will continue to open access to the majority of developers.

in addition to open capacity, Hou Xiaonan also announced in the speech to developers >

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