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China’s three major industries, agriculture as the first major industry, and many of its related links, a huge market space, in accordance with the crop management process can be divided into: prenatal, production, postpartum. All three links, each link in the agricultural cycle of repeated work in the three sectors, from production to the final purchase sales of agricultural products, the farmers work finished, hundreds of years of farmers is also relying on the business process to get the final return. Based on the actual situation of the rural market and the reality of agricultural cultivation, analysis.



of the Internet industry in prenatal, postpartum, postpartum respectively. There are several types of enterprises, concentrated in the prenatal agricultural electricity providers, land information, agricultural finance etc.. Production of concentrated planting technology in agriculture, agricultural machinery and equipment, etc.. Postpartum is mainly concentrated in the circulation of agricultural products.

when we began to analyze agriculture, we need to analyze the pain points and demand points of the farmers in the planting process. Because farmers are the frontline staff to promote the whole of agriculture, they bear the integrity of all agricultural products from scratch. In our in-depth rural grass-roots level, understand the needs of farmers at the same time, a variety of business first see demand, need cheap guaranteed funds to agricultural, financial support, but in the farmer groups, we see more farmers awareness of the risk of strong and weak against risk has means.

why farmers are known as "short-sighted, vested interests, no contract spirit"?

talked about the farmers, we will play on a variety of labels: the bottom of society, low educational level, no vision, cynical, no spirit of contract etc.. Go to the countryside to rural areas, but I think the first is why farmers will have this label, when communicate with farmers, farmers do not feel this is short-sighted, unscrupulous people. After the field, I found that the farmers’ ability to resist risks is very low, mainly the group has very little means of risk prevention, almost No. Farmers rely on accurate weather information, and the proper use of agricultural planting technology, science is missing, unable to obtain the total land information which is closely related to the planting part, farmers are unable to obtain the effective means of access. Farmers rely on the survival of the plant can not guarantee the time, want to make this group also guarantee the spirit of contract, according to the rules and so on, I think it is impossible.

what can we do for farmers to reduce their risk awareness?

in the process of land circulation rising, planting scheme of smallholder economy needs scientific, how to provide farmers with each of the key link in the process of planting and personal services, so that farmers feel benefits and benefits, then equivalent to the farmers in the planting process to provide a strong security door. Load this security door >

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