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estimate, CNNIC recently broke in 2008 at the beginning of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, China’s Olympic champion and some athletes " name;.Cn" domain name has 70% registered their leader the State Sports General administration. This sports administration in addition to rice worm jobs, behind the real plot where

?Why is

registered domain name

Olympic champion

2008 Beijing Olympic Games is also the traditional and online media between the Olympic Games, the Internet has become the preferred channel for people to get the Olympic information. The Internet as the protagonist is pushed to the front of the Olympic coverage, each big portal with special skills "the first gold medal for" champion, to win more than 27 million Olympic netizens love. Users of Internet Games participation also pushes up the value of CNNIC released by advertisers, "Chinese Internet users Olympic media consumer behavior research report" shows the Olympic sponsors got more than 6 of Internet users recognition, which makes the sponsor brand and product by the recognition and acceptance are greatly improved, the value of the Internet has been spread more certainly, this also means that there will be more advertisers to brand promotion of money to invest in the Internet; these also opened the Olympic champion domain name registration meaning.

domain name cybersquatting Olympic champion purpose

from the Yao Ming 31 million 200 thousand, Liu Xiang 15 million 620 thousand worth to see a player in the international competitions as long as the shortage of hot breakthrough, its value immediately to 1 million rate soared, no wonder the network to a rise for married Olympic champion boom. The Olympic champion has been registered in advance of things, actually there are many seemingly coincidental things, a lot of hot or broken gold race athletes especially female athletes as if there is a sports star material, as long as a win could immediately became a hit, they began a glittering career. Do not know if you have not noticed that female Olympic champion like, everyone seems to have become the basis for the appearance of 80 sports star elegant beauty women’s 50 metre rifle champion Tully, full of temperament middle-aged women’s 25 m pistol champion Chen Ying, 200 meters butterfly champion Liu Zige… Their entries, with considerable anticipation, athletes appearance also quite seductive.

According to the current situation of the development of

China sports, I think the General Administration of sport can set up a special department to promote development of sports stars from athletes market development work, to help Chinese sports internationalization, to better and faster development direction; the influence of the Olympic Games champion is unusual, behind the glittering "golden" will allow the relevant departments on developing the late commercial market champion athletes, and the Internet communication advantages will become the "Yu Xing" project choice, this from the Internet media hype to assist the mining of the gold medal Olympic champion aspect also can smell taste. This move to the General Administration of sport registered CN domain name in addition to the security of the Olympic champion said Internet rights, I think its real purpose is the planning of the sports stars a gilded signboard strategy "as the Olympic champion.

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