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technology news March 29th noon news, sellers held 2016 annual meeting in Hangzhou today, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong at the meeting made clear strategy for the future of Taobao: community, content and local life will be three directions.

today, Taobao has been a wireless Taobao, Taobao’s wireless has been completed, consumers have been completely migrated to the wireless." Zhang Yong pointed out that the data to prove the high frequency of mobile era visits, users stay longer than the PC era doubled, as long as there is good content, consumers will stay. At the same time, wireless traffic distribution changes, the recommendation will be an important way to buy mobile shopping guide, and an important means is to allow businesses to operate content.

Zhang Yong said at the meeting, the network is only a huge red economy Taobao content producers to develop a part of the plan. Zhang Yong said, Taobao will be endowed with big data, personalized video tools, fans and community tools, set up the stage to let the seller. Taobao is gathering a large number of content producers, from a global commodity market to super consumer media, attract more users to create business opportunities.

Zhang Yong predicts that technological innovation will continue to allow businesses. Including short video, including multimedia display will be fully and widely used throughout the Taobao. Over the past decade, all businesses have done in the picture text, there has been a large number of ideas, but the new image, including video and interactive technology, will bring greater business potential for businesses.

"each seller can be turned into a net red, as long as you find young people interested in content." Zhang Yongru is saying.

from the operation of the commodity to the operating content, Taobao from the largest commodity market development for the largest consumer community in the process, in 2016, Taobao will seize the first group of young people – the wireless era of indigenous people. The Taobao platform will promote the formation of a focus on fashion, digital game player, the gaming world, the two dimension, sports fans, fans and other military theme of the young people community.

at the same time, make full use of Youku, micro-blog, Ali, Ali mother film Ali ecosystem content platform, ecological system, build close communication from content production to content consumption. Let the business from the operating flow into the operation of the content, through the concern of the people, the content of interest, access to customers, the establishment of word of mouth, and finally form a strong relationship between members.

addition, Zhang Yong said, local life is also a great opportunity for the future of Taobao. "According to the needs of users, in addition to the center of the supply and demand matching, and the formation of self operation content production and consumption transmission mechanism, we will be based on the geographical location, allowing users of goods and services supply and demand can get a better match."

is the following Zhang Yong speech:

Taobao sellers, all partners, good morning everyone! Thank you for coming so early

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