[Abstract] in Mou Guixian seems to enhance the user experience will be the core goal of the United States in the coming year.

Gome online chairman Mou Guixian

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 23rd

, "we still have to find an air outlet, perhaps to blow up." Mou Guixian, chairman of the United States online view, the United States online on the tuyere.

in 2014 the United States online continuous force, data show that its market share jumped from tenth years ago to the top fifth. In the course of development of the United States online, Jingdong’s name must be mentioned, than the price than from logistics, Gome online has been against the Jingdong marketing, "the price of Jingdong, you will lose 300" marketing is still in progress. In the view of Mou Guixian chose the Jingdong, first of all because the two sides of the model like, the second is hoping to find a master of standard, so as to form a benign competition.

this year although the United States has listed Jingdong Ali, but Mou Guixian still insisted that the whole business pattern is far from certain, he even said: "even if I now Tencent technology volume then ten times, can’t sleep at night sleep, because at any time may have a new model to bring me down." Mou Guixian admitted that the United States is still a second tier electricity supplier, when the United States can become second only to Ali, Jingdong’s electricity supplier third, it is possible to hit the first tier electricity supplier.

seems to Mou Guixian, the United States must look forward to online, to think about what may happen in a few years, enhance the user experience is still the most important thing.

electricity supplier stable period

2014 China electricity supplier industry performance in the world capital market is excellent, the Jingdong and the Alibaba two predators has landed stocks. This allows more than 90% share of the domestic B2C field, C2C field more than 95% of the share becomes transparent, accept the supervision of public investors.

in the view of Mou Guixian, the two giants has listed on the electricity market environment will be a good thing: "Jingdong will enter a period of stability, will not suddenly fell down because of losses, which will make the situation more stable electricity supplier." Mou Guixian said with a smile, the Jingdong market will become more standardized, there will be more real data, the return to shareholders must consider, not excluding profits burn.

in Mou Guixian’s view, the electricity supplier industry is in a technology to promote the change of the times, every three months will have a big change, even every month, the inflection point: the United States now more excited, because the market opportunity is everywhere, we hope to be able to seize all opportunities."

in the past 2014, Gome’s goal is to enhance the user experience, in Mou Guixian’s view about the quantitative indicators of Gome online user experience basically have a great improvement, this will also be the core target next year gome.

in an interview with Tencent technology, Mou Guixian is being held

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