listed in 2010 the old electricity supplier, once valued at more than $2 billion 500 million, now only $430 million; last year listed, from less than $300 million valuation, at an alarming rate climbed to 1 billion 850 million. Why the gap between the two companies valuation is more and more big, the market in the end there is no wrong Mr.


mode and market orientation: a focus. A comprehensive B2C

discount. focused on Weihuo discount market. And the use of flash purchase mode, stimulate the consumer in a fixed time panic buying discount merchandise. Dangdang is a comprehensive self B2C website, the recent increase in investment in the platform business, 3C and other categories will be handed over to third party business. The difference between the two is the most significant in the supply chain.

first of all, most of the goods do not need to buy Although the return rate of 20% up and down, higher than the average electricity supplier, but the remaining inventory can be returned to the supplier; and Dangdang, Jingdong and other proprietary B2C sites are very different, they need to bear their own inventory risk.

second, contrast Dangdang standardized warehouse management model, flash purchase site management is difficult. A large number of SKU, and change quickly, in 2012 launched the 29207 annual sale, every sale will last about 5 days, the number of brands currently worked has more than 6000, the number of SKU management has more than 5 million.

third, close relationship with suppliers. The channel inventory digestion ability gradually proved, most brands and suppliers at the line, are actively looking for the door, in order to select high-quality suppliers and locate the appropriate brand from, set up a scale of 300 buyers team, 6000 cooperative businesses, more than 800 have been in established an exclusive partnership. Due to the number of users (Q1 has 2 million 800 thousand active users) and the amount of orders (Q1 has a rapid growth of 8 million 800 thousand, the scale effect is first reflected in the ability to increase the price reduction between and suppliers, Q1 gross profit margin has been raised to $23.4%). The relationship between and suppliers, is very unstable in Jingdong, such as and B2C in the competition, even as the price war and category expansion in gross profit fell to 13% in 2013, the Q1 recovery was 17.2%, but due to the lack of scale advantages, gross margin is difficult to have a significantly improved space.

= sinks. As gets bigger and bigger, more and more high market value, market value of clothing inventory gradually by many e-commerce sites recognized recently, including every guest, Dangdang and other sites have launched a similar brand sale channel, and even rumors that the Jingdong will also push the similar poop mode, then, whether they will directly cause of the positive impact of

?Take the

tail collection of Dangdang, although all the poop sale mode, but Dangdang end collection is used in the third party platform mode, namely commodity.