prior to introduce how to inspect the room when IDC told you said, the national a class room have more stringent requirements in the earthquake, disaster tolerance, power supply, temperature control, access control and other aspects, to build a room with grade a standard data center cost is very large, so choose this class room hardware conditions will be more secure; but the cyber source is a key problem of the room, if the room is not enough bandwidth, so its power and stable, strict access control, there is no meaning to the user, after all, is to be placed on the server to access the Internet users, there is not enough bandwidth, traffic and the access speed is impossible.

      many friends already know from our country room distribution table (click to view: the country IDC room) for the room, each room inside the basic construction scale, export bandwidth parameters. Indeed, here can see the size and amount of a cyber source, but the room, large room, many users find the focus of the room now, most of them are "full" or "high load" in the state, not only a nervous, joint width is not enough, the user server has been strictly Limited peak bandwidth the situation is not clear if the friend is the total bandwidth at room 20G, 40G to the results of a managed server traffic to 2M that will not go up, then regret it too late.

      then which room resources are good, which room resources are strained? This difficult one to share with you all, we still choose some comparative analysis of "mainstream" room:

Southern China area:

      we know a little more about the Southern China area of the computer room, or to say the Southern China area:

      Southern China area data center room is basically Guangdong Telecom world, the Internet harbor service brand occupies the dominant position, covering a wide range of interconnected harbour China Telecom, Internet Data Center (IDC) business, is a new type of telecommunications service came into being in the development of Internet, in Telecommunications class room, cyber source and technology support ability as the basis, for the government, enterprises, content providers, system integrators, Internet access service providers, application service providers to provide large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable hosting, equipment maintenance and other resource rent service business.

main functions:

      high speed circuit 1, can facilitate the use of the Internet harbor to achieve non blocking China Telecom directly linked to the CHINANET backbone network, do not need to invest in room and all kinds of access equipment. Can directly access to a wealth of network resources, the largest international