SAIC recently announced the results of online shopping product testing, which is the lowest rate of genuine Taobao, only 37.25%, in other words, is extracted from the sample more than 60% fake. Compared with Jingdong, poly America, shop No. 1, Taobao’s fake rate is the largest, Tmall is better than Taobao. In fact, Taobao too many fakes online has long been an open secret, but Taobao has been a "fake Big word seldom accompany great deed., so far did not see obvious effect. In the online shopping popular today, the quality of online shopping products has attracted more and more attention from buyers, and therefore must be strictly review platform for large-scale electricity supplier Taobao, Jingdong, completely eliminate the phenomenon of selling electricity supplier.

Taobao, Tmall to sell small Home Furnishing, although Ali called fake big banner, but the real operation is to face the many problems. like big bazaar of the people, the commodity prices cheaper than the Jingdong, the so-called cheap goods is not good, so the selling phenomenon. Jingdong and the goods are more authentic, and basically can provide electronic invoices, other Jingdong express speed is also very awesome. In fact, Jingdong and Taobao can not be mentioned in the same breath, B2C and B2B each have advantages and disadvantages, Taobao is more suitable for the people, it is simple, because the price is cheap enough.

and Taobao to complete the rectification and selling phenomenon, it would be difficult to tell the truth, one of the Taobao product range too much, impossible to test each commodity, especially clothing goods. In addition to those brands flagship store, the vast majority of the rest are fake on the street stalls, the purchase of the store’s owner is also a wholesale channel. Of course, almost all buyers know fake, but because the price is cheap, and do not care about the quality of the clothes. It is just because the colors and styles can be like, once Taobao no such goods, the day is never better than Taobao.

for the flagship store, no matter how Taobao is fake, can be said to be of no effect. Taobao is the first object to start small sellers, especially those small sellers, fake rampant bad reputation. Taobao official shajijinghou possibility is very large, the purpose is to remind small sellers who do not remain in a proper sphere, still consciously good, otherwise it will become a fish on a plate. Small and medium-sized sellers in the face of the reshuffle, the only thing you can do is not selling, or a closed shop. Supply channels can not be changed, the official flagship store only a few, small sellers can only wait to die.

Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform must accept a reshuffle, electricity supplier crackdown is imminent, in this reshuffle should be the biggest beneficiaries of ordinary consumers. But Taobao’s official crackdown to have substantial progress to be meaningful, just sloganeering without sincerity, but also the obligations involved in fighting. Article source: Home guest network are reproduced to retain the original