took advantage of the capital, many people may die at this opportunity on the beach, holding a large amount of cash to Suning is vertical for hunters, to enrich their own category and increase sales. Today, the news from a number of channels, Suning has a number of domestic vertical class B2C companies to negotiate acquisitions and shares. In addition to the previous reports and Suning merger talks of the red child, the sequence of main high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau Ning in the Soviet Union in mergers and acquisitions.

according to reliable informed sources disclosed that Marceau and Martha Suning reached a preliminary intention, has entered the stage of mergers and acquisitions due diligence, not surprisingly, Suning will acquire Martha Marceau.

According to the

news, Martha Marceau PR vice president Meishan responded that Martha Marceau did in the capital side with several contacts, but she did not hear the company and Suning to negotiate the acquisition of news. market responsible person also said the news did not know.

it is worth noting that, since the second half of last year, Martha Marceau seems to encounter difficulties. In February this year, there is news that Martha Marceau began full pay, pay cuts for 20%-30%, but Martha Marceau then explained that the company is only in the performance of the reform. In March this year, Martha Marceau closed the only place is located in Beijing a store, and the store experience was Martha Marceau focus on brand promotion. Subsequently, Martha Marceau announced a reduction of 50% of the advertising budget. In the capital, last October, Meishan had disclosed that Martha Marceau is negotiating the third round of financing, however, over the past 9 months, Martha Marceau also did not disclose the completion of financing.

previously, Martha Marceau had completed two rounds of financing. In January 5, 2010, Martha Marceau China Sequoia Capital Investment, in the amount of nearly ten million U.S. dollars level. In January 2011, Martha Marceau has announced the completion of the B round of financing, this round of financing by the northern light venture capital lead investor, with Sequoia Capital Investment, the amount is unknown.

Informed sources close to

Martha Marceau said, if at the right price to sell Suning, this will be a win-win choice, on the one hand, Martha Marceau will get further development support and capital flow, and will also get a lower price to a clothing brand, rich category.

Only a vertical B2C

Martha Marceau is not Suning sales. According to the investment industry disclosure, currently has a number of vertical B2C contacts, and negotiate the acquisition of the stake in the matter. Yesterday, the Sohu IT had exclusive coverage of to buy red child maternal and child class B2C news.

previously, Shenzhen electric Agel Ecommerce Ltd founder Gong Wenxiang said: " began to acquire vertical B2C, Su Ninggang additional financing of 5 billion 500 million yuan, is to buy other electricity providers. So the vertical electric field before 3, though luckily but as long as the public relations in a complete mess, keep vertical 3 electricity providers (such as Home Furnishing electric 3>