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held in April 18th at the annual meeting of the Taobao business, Alibaba Chinese retail business group president for epilepsy has revealed that Juhuasuan in 2015 three major changes: first, the re opening of part of the category to the auction business, to small and medium-sized businesses, Juhuasuan the opportunity to express their wishes; second, Juhuasuan will strengthen the C store best product support strength; third, strengthen strategic cooperation with the C shop in the original brand, factory direct supply brand.

what do these changes mean in 2015, what exactly will Juhuasuan play?

in April 28th, in the name of "Juhuasuan Yitian" will be the core business of the communication meeting, Juhuasuan marketing director Liu Bo (a law), Juhuasuan chief operating officer (standard class), Juhuasuan Dong Xiaohua (Tiande) operations experts (non-standard) Zhao Guojie (Qiu Jun) to businesses to enjoy the specific measures for the fiscal year of Juhuasuan’s upcoming the.

According to the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma Yun said, Juhuasuan is "Yitian sword" business. The network operators in the world for the first time you read this series of initiatives, the following is our finishing dry cargo.

Luo: 2015 core Keywords: Juhuasuan power, efficiency and scale, and will strengthen communication and business closely, more businesses to some certain resources, to better achieve the concentrated outbreak and the depth of the outbreak.

interpretation: the end of 2015, Juhuasuan’s wireless proportion will be increased from the current 50% to 70%, therefore, Juhuasuan will focus on the integration of Juhuasuan mobile phone, force, Taobao, and Taobao, Amoy weekend panic buying gold, clearing and other platforms, all the resources of the group "to do the best product" Juhuasuan burst. This is the only way to be able to bring certainty to the Department of resources, other external platforms can not do.

home Luo: in the past, Juhuasuan and businesses together to do a lot of successful marketing activities, in 2015 will break the original brand group and single product model, to give businesses more room for growth.

interpretation: 2015, Juhuasuan will promote one by one, if the business activities of 6· 6 do well, we can advance the 9· 9 tickets to the double 11, double 12 festival activities, special purchases for the Spring Festival throughout. Juhuasuan will be in depth cooperation with Tmall, a good brand group of businesses, will increase its chances of joining the double 11.

During the period of

in the big promotion, Juhuasuan will shrink pit, cooperation and core businesses, will be most likely to do resource oriented businesses and a single product explosion, not full swing, with the Taobao, Tmall’s operating strategy is completely different.

many businesses of Juhuasuan’s consumer misunderstanding, in fact, this is the real number of consumers online shopping sticky people, they are concerned about the price, the conversion rate is high, the purchase will not hesitate, but they need to be sure of the price and service, if the business can not provide robust services for consumers, Juhuasuan also.

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