"whether it is two mothers, the father of the two, or a mother and a father, are eager to have a healthy home, to children is the mission of life. Reproductive health is a very meaningful thing, TA is not only a business, but a Knowledge has no limit. thing, only the depth of learning and innovation can be more professional to help more families dream! "Founder Nebella Zhou Huashan (Kandy) said ms..


With the ambition and vision of this

is full of love, Nebella has created the brand of the one and only. Nebella is eager to help more perfect family dream, from 2014 began to help pregnant many Baoma, her mind is constantly for the loss of independence, infertility, rainbow ignited new hope through the crowd, and has been paid in silence and effort, deeply customer trust and understanding, treasure the mother constantly, constantly sharing interactive baby growth experience also, constantly rewriting the history of Nebella, this time from the family trust affects us.

originally, engber Asia to assist children in the United States, business hall, the public began to help pregnant mother, should be friends and customers, at their own expense to invite experts from the United States to carry out public lectures in recognition and recommend the only things like running your own home made up, so the United States sub engber fertility experts was born! Engber hall received a lot from sub month Chinese mother in the United States, we live in a foreign country engber confinement in their sub hall like "home", to share in the United States to be produced when the light of happiness.


is only the cause as "home" business, can let the family feel that "home" temperature, Nebella advocated a hitherto unknown "American family one-stop service, both to the" home "day time, more" home "people to save money, give professional advice and according to the different situation of different groups, the crowd into the rainbow that lets a person feel at ease engber Asia, and private space, Nebella not only consider the special population, there is more need to pay attention to the crowd.

hopes to bring new hope to the lost family

demographers predict that China’s loss of independence in the future of the family will reach ten million, at present, China’s total number of only children from the age of 15 to the age of about 190 million, the annual mortality rate of this age group is about $4/10000. The latest figures from the Ministry of health, China’s annual new family alone lost 76 thousand, engber Asia has the obligation to re ignite hope these people.


fortunately, pregnancy – help infertility get good pregnancy

child is a woman’s mission, facing the pressure of work and marriage phenomenon first-tier cities of various industries, sub-health resulted in increasing fertility problems, many people plan to have children that can’t conceive naturally, had the help of assisted reproductive solution, Nebella has the responsibility.

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