is ideal for people who have to make money for the site, but I think the latter should be much more than the former. We make money can be called a Wangzhuan, and a variety of channels, such as advertising, hard, soft, and even offline activities, etc.. However, Chinese has a bad habit, is people can not see the money, even if the customer is. So there have been a lot of deceptive ways to make money, whether it is personal or corporate operations, but this is generally not long.

I admire the idea is: first let your customers make money, and then the site to make money. Why do you want to make more money for yourself?. First of all, the customer to make money, to help you make money, you may initially didn’t earn much, do not even, but never mind, can let customers earn money, you are not far from the days of making money certainly; secondly, the customer to make money, and you will be able to work together to safeguard the industry, so industry to thrive your position and money can slowly confirm and guarantee; thirdly, the customer to make money, and your site did not make money, this is no way, you can do that and when their customers. Therefore, the key is to allow customers to make money, so as to reflect the value of their own peace of mind, long-term money.

of course, we can not only be limited to the business partner of customers, for the site, users are our customers. If your website that allows users to make money, also allow business partners to make money, but it is the best — generally the site for the intermediary site, is also very popular, such as Witkey class site, C2C site etc.. And if you can’t make money, you need to provide the value they need, that is, the content must be useful. For example, he would like to see Zhang Xinyu’s photos, and my daughter is also provided to the community he would like to see the most bold photos, it is tantamount to let users make money". There is also a kind of form is to allow users to save money, for example, users need to buy a housing, and in my sex forum, I can teach the content of the post transfer experience for him, let him save costs in the purchase process, also achieved our purpose. In fact, through sexual intercourse forum every time for users to buy, province ten thousand yuan, so there are many core users support.

and how to make your customers to make money, involving a wide range, I will be written in the future, is a brief introduction. I like the beautiful pictures forum "energy-saving", in view of the beautiful pictures alone to attract traffic, so customers will be locked in the edge ball advertising, let them first to make my friends money, then give me a cup of soup. And wait until the site has enough popularity and revenue, will replace this method, and return to the theme of "women’s forum", gradually delete edge ball advertising, contact the female merchant, through interaction with the users all kinds of planning, plan to do the first half of the free activities, to allow customers to taste the sweetness, and then began to shun believes charges. If the event fails, just into their own products related to women’s products, that is, do the platform and do sales. Of course, if this is unable to earn more money, go back to the edge of the ball.

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