original 165 yuan 450 yuan autobiography toys domestic related domain name price 10000

"Obama" products 10493

newspaper news (reporter Liang Qianli) Obama was elected as the new president of the United States, the new president also bring huge business opportunities, many related products are selling on the Internet to the price of money to start.

Obama imported goods selling

this morning, the reporter login taobao.com, enter "Obama" search found that a large number of related books, toys, mailboxes, the relevant domain name products are available on the internet. Some businesses in order to "congratulate Obama" as the title of a series of local products.


reporter noted that the original Obama sitting 12 inch doll toys are sold at a price of 450 yuan. A copy of the original Obama autobiography was sold at $165, and the Chinese version of the book was priced at just $14.9 at the top. Even a suit for Obama’s toys also marked the price of $100.

though expensive, but these products are very popular, the reporter noted that each product has dozens of orders.

reporter learned from several sellers, they are through the relationship from overseas purchasing related products.


is really expensive, but it makes sense that they need to pay 0.825% of the consumption tax. Plus shipping and purchasing costs, in fact, we did not earn much." Sales Wang Xu told reporters that doll.

domestic related domain name prices

if you say that these products from the United States, there is a bit of truth, that some of the domestic goods on some of your outrageous. An excellent seller called the 888 wave of NetEase mail plus bubble account [email protected] actually also priced at $100.

and obama.hi.cn (Hello Obama) such a domain, the price was as high as 10000 yuan. Reporter query CNNIC system found that the domain name is a person named Chen Zaiqiang registered.

reporter contacted Chen Zaiqiang, he said that the domain name before he was registered in the general election, and several other presidential candidates have been registered, and now just take it out to sell it.

this, CNNIC customer service staff said that the current protection of the domain name does not involve foreign leaders, so the domain name will not be recovered.

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