July 15th, sharing an office good comrades, the old partner, shop No. 1 founder and chairman Liu Junling in just as guarding to the end of the entrepreneurial team executives finally left. Since July 11, 2008 formally launched just over 7 years ago, after which will belong to WAL-MART.

when the day came to the attention. As early as 2010, the 80 million stake in the safety of the No. 1 store holding the beginning of the year, just in the beginning of its entrepreneurial team has become a professional manager, there are rumors about leaving the job has never stopped on the 80%. This seemingly life-saving transaction may be the wrong start. By 2012 WAL-MART increased investment in store 1, holdings increased to 51%, becoming the largest shareholder.

is just outside of any interview are difficult to judge from his words in the period of the team is not stable, he always stressed 1 store and WAL-MART both "trust", make full use of both the advantages of resources, to achieve a good strategic cooperation and so on. However, according to the number of people who have left the shop, said in 1, has rarely appeared in the office.

is the only clue to just once in the Economic Observer interview and said WAL-MART focus is "speed", "WAL-MART is a big company standard, shop No. 1 is an entrepreneurial company, we hope to do a little bit faster." He believes that speed and attention to the process does not conflict, but still can give a breakthrough."

speed and process is able to break, just did not have the right to speak.

‘s rivals smell is also very sharp, Darunfa chairman and the flying cow network CEO Huang Mingduan has been the leader of 1 store as a FMCG business hot consumer industry, has been since he created the flying cow network to subvert the opponent.

contrast flying cow network and 1 shop, the two are fast consumer goods started electricity supplier, but also backed by physical retail giant, with fast consumer purchasing advantage. But taking into account the traditional hypermarkets and electricity supplier, two run, he obviously felt the opponent in the rapid rise of the rapid rise of the bull network this year and did not fully respond. This is probably the result of the decision and the role of the 1 shop is not caused by the wrong.

early in 2010 with 80 million stake in Ping an absolute holding 80% Shop No. 1 had been destined to just can’t independent decision-making, to insurance industry, Ping an any layout are the main business considerations, and not a "quiet investor". Since then, with the help of failed Shop No. 1 layout of the realm of health equity transfer safe WAL-MART, is destined to shop 1, no opportunity for independence, can only be a supplement to the retail giant multi format.

and the original cause of all this seems to be the enterprise in the development process of financing options, rather than the founder of each company can be as strong as Ma Yun live hold investors.

equity risk decentralized control sidelined with every entrepreneur, is in a small enterprise financing, to o >

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