Internet group purchase group purchase, now can be seen everywhere group purchase exists, no matter who want to use a scoop of Internet group purchase this pattern of soup, but the fact is not even, just don’t know how much time has fallen network group purchase. A herd was finally kill himself.

is the main reason why the hot pursuit of the following two points:

1: the relationship between supply and demand of businesses are willing to discount promotions to earn popularity, consumers love promotions, a wish to make a wish to suffer, hit it off, if the 80 percent off movie tickets, 70 percent off of the service, the rigid demand for everyone, this kind of situation, not only I will go, will likely pull together with colleagues and friends poly. From the service industry under the line, this is not a novelty, nothing more than today to put it on the Internet to enlarge the demand for more concentrated.

2: the entrepreneurial cost group purchase website development cost is not high, there is now open source (without fear of the world into chaos), operating cost is not high, looks, high productivity and low investment business model, whether the risk investment, the senior personnel, the traditional service industry, or the university graduates who have joined group purchase group purchase station in the ranks of business, now many, I believe it will be more in the future within a period of time.

Taobao: Juhuasuan to SNS a popular application, and Taobao needs to combine very tightly, tipper also brought benefits, Juhuasuan appears to have what effect on the outside of the group purchase, but Taobao to provide users with a sense of service.

everyone’s sticky Web: This is also needless to say, in this user base to engage in rice, each have tens of thousands of members, not what to say, as the saying goes, thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, if QQ want to push what things, don’t give the resources are terrible the.

love love love: network group network is one of the women I am very concerned about the community, users to exchange Taobao mainly clothing, the atmosphere is very hot, love is love mission network launched the group purchase group purchase platform, clothes and shoes of female users, the effect is also very good.

a lot of B2C in this field, with Marceau Cochran and Martha more famous, more is a means of marketing, also played a certain effect.

1 B2C needs, buy a complete marketing strategy, to bring tangible benefits to the people of Shopping, this demand is accurate, and not tired.

2 where the needs of the community, because of the participation of the people is the localization of the fiery atmosphere, group purchase is a dessert, when needed, do not need to look at the needs of local communities landing is very clear, and the line with the group purchase is also very close, I believe that this demand will continue normal.

for the group purchase mode will be extended again, but it also will fall more than half of the chase who, after all, the fight is the group purchase, in the absence of sufficient resources and the group began to fiddle.

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