Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States, has been in China for eight years. In China these years, it was said that the pace of China is a bit slow, a bit slow. The face of these challenges outside, but I do not think so, Amazon in today’s localization, the entire development is in a state of upward. Over the past 2012 years, its share price rose to reach a total of 40% can be seen. At least in China’s electricity supplier of the road, or from the point of the soup, the development of the whole market is booming. So in the past few years the development of the Amazon, why can have a certain market in China?

merchandise discounts, attracting consumers

not long ago, I want to buy a book, because according to previous experience, I found that when I buy, buy expensive! This time I specifically compared Amazon under the price of this book and other shopping platform price, found Amazon discount play a significant, original price 25 yuan book, it hit 36% off, such a comparison, plus postage, other than platform cheap 2 dollars. This is just a Book of 20 dollars, you can get a few dollars cheaper. Not to mention anything like electricity. I want to be sure that more than one person I have compared, on this point, in today’s electricity supplier price war, Amazon reflects its own advantages, can attract more consumers. Amazon’s low price strategy, enough to make it in this competitive environment, a place.

pay attention to brand concept, win the reputation of consumers

Although the

in 2012, the Alibaba will be renamed "Tmall" Taobao mall, realized now in the electricity supplier, the first to have its own brand, in order to have enough it to a place to live in, in the electricity business in the road can go long. But before the Amazon not to China, has been the foundation of brand accumulation, plus sales price has been maintained in this low profit strategy, but also will enhance the buyers’ loyalty, is a loyal fans, have a stable sales. When it comes to China, also maintained the homogenization of standardized goods, and to convey the brand concept, also won the reputation of domestic buyers, but also to the Amazon in the open market Chinese, provides an opportunity.

and Amazon’s attention is not like some domestic electricity providers who are not only concerned about the sale of a commodity in the short term, but how to think about how to provide consumers with the best purchase experience. Such service attitude, will be able to win the trust of customers. It also allows Amazon to win more loyal customers in the long term.

commodity structure and domestic differences, self built logistics center is ace

Amazon came to China, and gradually realized that if some of the major domestic electricity supplier to compete for heavy commodity market, then the road is bound to be difficult. This will have a great difference with the domestic commodity structure, and to compete with some of the intellectual property rights

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