electronic commerce, spurred the inherent in the transaction will transfer from the traditional line to the Internet, the requirements to build a technology platform, e-commerce pioneers also need to face is how to construct the new credit system to ensure the security of transactions.

at the end of July 2009, after 4 months of trial, the Hangzhou Xihu District people’s court together on fraud litigation, the defendant is Alibaba (China) network technology limited company, and the plaintiff is the Alibaba of past clients — Shenzhen wangqianghui Trading Co. ltd..

final result is that the court dismissed all claims of the plaintiff. Alibaba in the process of e-commerce platform integrity promise to honor, to Wang Qiang Hui "termination" initiative, need not bear the liability for breach of contract — this is a civil fraud case with ordinary, but its significance is greater than the case itself.

court did not evade the crucial point, simple processing, but directly determine the establishment of a network of fraud facts. So far, the law began to force in the construction of enterprise credit system, at the same time, Alibaba as the industry leader in the construction of e-commerce credit system in the process of exploration is being recognized by the law.

Alibaba win has a dual meaning." Professor Liang Chunxiao e-commerce experts believe that Alibaba to promote the construction of electronic commerce credit system and perfect, formed the basic rules in the industry; and the Alibaba can accumulate experience for the relevant judicial electronic commerce legal system in China, improve the legal system of the direct drive.

in fact, the issue of good faith in the development of e-commerce in the past ten years has always been a major proposition. With the establishment and improvement of the network credit system represented by Alibaba, the problem of network credit is being solved step by step. The Alibaba to drive the evolution of the credit system, the construction itself rather than the integrity of the system, is the internal logic and the nature of the pursuit of the development of Alibaba to follow.

"compared to traditional transactions, the higher the value of credit in online transactions. In China’s e-commerce legal norms are not perfect environment, Alibaba such enterprises have established an effective credit rating system, has become the industry norm of the online shopping market." China University of Political Science and Law intellectual property research center researcher Zhang Fan said.

crack e-commerce bottleneck weapon

integrity of the environment, the lack of online payment system, such as the development of e-commerce industry has been the main bottleneck in the past ten years".

however, the bottleneck is the rapid expansion of e-commerce market, according to Alibaba in 2009 semi annual report shows that benefit from the number of buyers and sellers in the online trading market continues to grow, the total number of paying members of Alibaba over 500 thousand, increased to 531471, representing an increase of 44%, beyond the past half of the growth in the number of paying members of any. In the face of the integrity of the industry "bottleneck" and such a huge online trading market, how to build electronic

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