as a Taobao seller, all the hardships and bitter sometimes only the same is the seller’s comrades clearly. It seems that our sellers on the internet shop, don’t need to open the store rental shops, like the same margin, counter staff wages, people feel there is a computer, you can run the cable, sleight of hand.

may be in the early stages of the Taobao team lucky to catch up with so comfortable period, as we take this wave of e-commerce development to these, but not so lucky. The so-called Internet wire to get a business day has gone.

This is not

, even trivial big Taobao shop is small, sparrow may be small, although do not need to store rent, but need to be carefully packaging to the shop, regardless of whether you want a monthly income, the introduction of traffic, we must save money, do some gorgeous bedding, such as train although Taobao has also been stressed, no use of the train will be sellers also have the opportunity to appear in the rankings for baby, just started the shop, want to do, it is not a easy thing, so most of the sellers will be opened.


started business as a shop, and also the need for customer service, although different from the entity shop clerk asked looks pretty smart, stuttering, must have at least a basic level of computer, typing speed or have certain requirements, imagine a minute typing speed is only 10 of several network service, you dare to dare to ah? Of course, training their older relatives in the case.

is the same as I believe that many of his comrades, at the beginning, are their own full-time, then pull your family and friends follow more, the so-called family pattern, this pattern is a big advantage, strong sense of responsibility, can do 24 hours shop there are people on duty, if please do business expand after their customer service, may not so hard.

need to consider things like this I will not say that meet the eye everywhere, the details, as a seller, I think, it is necessary to improve together, learn from each other, to the wisdom of summing up, together to solve problems and progress. Then I will share with you one of my actual experience.

‘s view on evaluation. For a successful completion of the transaction, to arrive at the final stage, is the buyers payment, for the evaluation of our product, according to my experience, the consumer evaluation first, mainly is the evaluation of the product, why? Let me share with you one example:

a few days ago, a buyer to my shop, ordered some riding activities equipment, each other is a good talk, just a simple consulting goods have no goods, some goods size problem, see each other to buy interest, so when she finally bargain, I also give some however, before shipment, concessions, in fact, my heart is still a little time.

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