news August 11th, the day before, some businesses in the micro-blog exposure, operators forced food businesses must recharge category launched marketing tool AD train and language threatened businesses if not prepaid will be shut shop.

food category Dangdang operations group announcement


food category Dangdang operations group of the staff

this businessman posted on the micro-blog operator in the QQ operation group on the matter of the chat log. According to the chat records show that the staff stressed in the announcement, the household chores will recharge in the day, and made it clear that if you do not operate today, tomorrow all closed shop".

, but the store didn’t really happen. The merchant pointed out: This is only a means to use the threat of Dangdang operators to businesses. If you shut shop, merchants therefore resort to law, Dangdang will lose."

but most of the food categories of businesses or pay a 50 yuan fee, which is the tool of the minimum recharge limit. Many businesses Tucao: 50 yuan can have any marketing effect, just do not want to find trouble."

according to the businesses that have businesses in the food category communication group questioned that whether to try the tool businesses should be voluntary. Was the operators denounced as "seducing".

then, billion state power network to verify the matter, responded: "this thing is the staff’s personal remarks, communication problems. We’ve done internal criticism." also stressed that in Dangdang advertising platform, adhering to the principle of voluntariness, not assessed, it will not change after this principle. The incident Dangdang’s through train (AD) conversion rate is the highest in the industry, is the bonus period CPC advertising. Dangdang hope more partners to enjoy this bonus, which is the starting point for the promotion of the tool.

in addition, businesses will be related chats micro-blog exposure, Communication Director of food categories beauty began and businesses, said the operations staff just wants to help businesses do business, just not the way.

but many Dangdang businesses do not recognize this explanation, have pointed out that Dangdang has always been the attitude of the operation. A business, said: in the operation of Dangdang group, these staff basically did not give the business on the sale of activities such as a good reminder, will allow businesses to pay all kinds of fees, put a variety of advertising."

this incident is just a merchant emotional tipping point, some businesses bluntly, operators only care about their own KPI, are not concerned about technical problems, businesses encounter in the process of operation resources.

in addition, there are many businesses also Tucao Dangdang platform system behind, low efficiency. Every time the merchant shelves of new products should be notified when Dangdang operating group

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