actually, I am not willing to say that they are micro business, not because of micro business not to earn money, but because the word micro’s influence is not good, because a micro business, your response is Shuabing recruit agents, boils down to two words is fooled,


so, I call myself a mobile electricity supplier entrepreneurs, or do is micro electricity supplier personnel.

the next 3 articles after reading, you will understand why call mobile electricity supplier, micro electricity supplier.

I will be divided into three articles, respectively, from the individual to the WeChat platform to speak one by one.

personal micro business – to do a thoughtful, there are stories of people.

speaking of personal micro business, you should feel very deep, look at you of the article, is certainly a derivative, or derivative eager. Most of the people on the micro business impression is still stuck in the circle of friends shuabing.

in the traditional business era, the platform entrance flow, so, as a business, only to the fish in the pond can be introduced into the net. However, in the mobile Internet era, especially in the decentralized mode, you can not find the entrance flow, but can not find the window can display the commodity, therefore, can only be used in life circle of friends as a window.

actually, circle of friends do business circles, and nothing wrong. Micro business, in the final analysis, or a businessman, that is, businessmen. Since it is a businessman, then, no matter where he will choose to promote their products to sell things to show, and ultimately hope that you can buy his products.

so plainly, derivative and now you visit Sijiqing clothing wholesale market, farmers market businesses are the same, but the derivative by way of the Internet, online operation. According to official data, micro practitioners about 20000000, in fact, that is not too much, because, as long as it is registered WeChat, you can brush circle of friends, to sell goods.

this also led to the micro merchants on the surface is very prosperous, the result is really difficult to do, earn less money. Because, the use of WeChat is very simple, even if it is bound to the bank card, transfer the functions of these advanced points, as long as someone under the guidance of the sixty or seventy year old retired. But doing business is not just about using software. In particular, the network so developed today, the network marketing is a very profound, it is necessary to experience the life of the technology.

so look at the micro business practitioners, most of them are Po mom, housewives, students. These people are basically low-income people, and more than 90% are not engaged in network marketing planning, Internet technology, e-commerce. So, want to let these people do not have any experience in the network through a software rich, difficult to imagine.

Taobao has been able to make a fortune, is to give you a good pond around, as long as you have goods, fish will bite. The waiting method in the early stage and in >

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