from the completion of the two major electricity supplier platform integration, and then to senior vice president Mou Guixian in command personally penned the online business, the United States began to return to the era of electricity providers wolf.

the United States online news spokesman Peng Liang announced that from April 25th to May 8th, Gome online will be re launched the strongest anniversary month of a new round of large-scale promotion, by the hundred regiments, vied for war, race against time and stay up Hui four big shock activities consisting of a war in the end, the whole face off the golden week the largest low offensive.

so crazy price offensive, the promotion of the electricity supplier industry is even more rare, what exactly is the United States online


insiders believe that, after the opening since the anniversary celebration, especially the 418 anniversary day 250 million hit the highest record sales, Gome online has so far the remarkable performance, from this perspective, the "fight" or again get Gome group’s mandate and support; in addition, although in a letter because of the price war and pay homage to the electricity supplier eulogy dead electricity supplier caused the industry to resonate, but now Gome online continue to show a "battle" attitude, with a Wong Kwong Yu era wolf style.

a war in the end


data obtained from the author of the United States online display, April 25th, Gome online group purchase, and will have to panic buying all the products straight down multiple promotions launched a massive low offensive. See in the commodity price list, most commodities super low sales, comparable to the 418 anniversary of efforts.

Peng Liang said, "after the opening from the anniversary, Gome online had clearly never take the corners of the several products to do promotions, do the whole category, all goods must also be the mainstream market hot commodity, this is we insist on doing promotion of the bottom line; moreover, since it is as a battle to fight it should be," sword "real work, don’t let the promotion war eventually became a propaganda farce."

LG 42 inch color TV fell below 3200 yuan, 999 yuan, Haier notebook BOSS genuine watches price 499 yuan…… The profit scale billion yuan, is expected to Peng Liang anniversary after the half sales will hit a record high.

returns to wolf

has always looked elegant United States online chairman Mou Guixian, in the hands of the United States after the United States increasingly become increasingly fierce fight up.

as Mou Guixian said, "maybe I look more gentle, but every time you can not tender."

Mou Guixian this shot, not only not gentle, even slightly extreme.

in fact, from all indications is not difficult to find, since the MOU Guixian actual control of Gome, completely from the fusion, behind the scenes himself completed two major electricity supplier platform to launch the stage promotion war, as well as from GOME group level support to the main Guixian Mou Gome, has already begun "

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