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annual CCTV advertising tender will be lively still. However, in the face of the impact of new media on traditional advertising business, in China’s advertising market dominance of 20 years, CCTV has also begun to compromise".

yesterday (November 18th) held in 2014 CCTV gold resources advertising tender meeting, the new media has become the main push products. He Haiming, deputy director of CCTV advertising management center, said publicly that this year launched 67 new media products to achieve corporate TV screens and computers, mobile phones and other multi screen, multi-channel communication and interaction.

this brand strategy expert Li Guangdou told the "daily economic news" reporter, CCTV news media has already become the biggest competitor, although the 2013 CCTV advertising tender total record, but its growth rate is slowing down for 4 consecutive years.

CCTV is now the idea of big fish to eat, while ensuring the stock market, is attracting SMEs to develop its incremental market." Marketing experts Li Zhiqi said.

advertising tender ratio decreased by

CCTV gold resources advertising tender is referred to as China’s economic weathervane campaign, to continue to be refreshed each year to stimulate the public eye of the amount of the bid. But this year, CCTV does not disclose the total bid amount, only that the CCTV for 2014 signing of the total steady increase, more than 2013.

it is understood that, in order to avoid vicious competition, and overall value, reduce the proportion of the CCTV tender scene, most of the high-quality resources such as "news that watch the ads", "focus interview summary advertisement", 19 "news broadcast time combination advertising", 22 "the whole point timekeeping combination News advertisement" and "weather forecast 1+1 advertising" has long been ahead by subscription.

this, insiders said that in November 18th the number of the day, it is no longer representative.

, according to He Haiming introduction, September 17th to October 31st, a total of 178 pre-sale phase of the resources to be subscribed, coupled with on-site bidding of more than 200 products, far more than the number of media products last year, the number of 99.

According to Li Guangdou

, from the bidding of the atmosphere of the scene, the passion of entrepreneurs is not reduced, but the change is obvious, advertisers to sponsor programs should be higher than the normal time of interest in advertising, "China", "Chinese characters dictation conference I want on the show" and other programs are very much sought after, the rise of advertising the larger.

it is worth noting that this year, CCTV launched 67 new media products, said it would meet the needs of different sizes, different types of enterprises.

it is understood that in 2014, CCTV will fully implement the new media strategy, the integration of CCTV.COM and CNTV.COM resources, the introduction of nearly one hundred directional interactive integration program, effectively complement the traditional TV audience coverage. Will also launch two flagship phone >

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