February 14th news, today, a starry insiders told billion state power network, in the past 2016, the starry tax more than one hundred million yuan.

According to

billion state power network understanding, Han clothing was founded in 2006, is one of the largest Internet China brand ecological management group.

financial data show that South Korea in 2014 revenues of 830 million yuan, net profit loss of $37 million 560 thousand. By 2015, revenues of 1 billion 260 million yuan, net profit to loss of profit, to $33 million 210 thousand. Although it is still the largest proportion of women, but men’s and children’s clothing and other share gradually increased.

2016 double 11, Han clothing business group’s total sales of 362 million yuan, the starry Tmall flagship store and ONLY with UNIQLO, ranked three, is the only top 10 Internet clothing brand.

it is worth noting that, from 2012, the starry opening of the multi brand strategy, in 2015 the starry start Internet brand generation operations, open the "own brand" and "service brand" front wheel drive, with consumers enhance communication efficiency, strengthen the back-end resource integration ability.

Han Shu homes founder Zhao Yingguang

at the end of 2016, the billion state power network for future retail conference, starry founder Zhao Yingguang put forward the "two level ecological operators" concept, positioned between the brand and a platform of Taobao Tmall’s two level platform, Han clothing will be fully output IT system, supply chain, warehousing logistics, customer service system etc. ability. Han’s power, is a service provider, to provide services to other small brands and Internet brands.

Zhao Yingguang believes that with the background of the overall Internet traffic flow growth across the ceiling and a large platform under the Internet brand growth in the face of the curse, there are three directions: first, make a brand continued investment in product, operation, the brand began to touch the ceiling; second, the combination of online and offline, online or go. Line the bottleneck to the line; third, the starry represented by the "two ecological operators" mode, brand + retailers two echelon ecological model.

from the starry experience, Zhao Yingguang believes that as a pure Internet brand, sales from 0-1 billion to determine their own brand positioning, living first down from a shop from the beginning; when 100 million -10 billion, the same category of the goods may be appropriate to expand the scope to some; from 1 billion -100 billion, while expanding category or brand extension to the back-end based on a whole continue to strengthen the brand operation ability.

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