June 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Bai Yang) in radio and TV programs may not set the "guest host" to "copycat" products, online shopping can be reported to the patent administration department, Taiwan valid visa from the mainland to Taiwan card…… Since July 1st, a number of new laws and regulations have come into effect, affecting all aspects of the real life to the virtual space.

radio and television programs can "guest" host a number of hit show or affected

state press and Publication Administration of radio, "on Further Strengthening the management of radio and television presenters and guests use notice" from July 1st implementation. Notification requirements, the radio and television agencies should further strengthen the use of radio and television host and guest host management, strict implementation of certificates and registration system.

according to the notice, the future of news, commentary and interview programs shall not be set or a disguised auxiliary set presided over the post; radio and television programs to clear the host and guest host division, should bear the program series, guidance, control and other functions, nor is "guest host", guests can not exercise the functions.

all broadcasters to broadcast their own production, purchase, or from social institutions or social institutions jointly produced with the radio and Television Festival at present, and the need to review the host registration, to verify the guest information, and considering the host and guests of the professional quality and social image, determine whether the appropriate sound appearance. Broadcast agencies to the host and guests in the show’s careful review of the conduct of the checks, the problem should not be broadcast.

patent administrative enforcement measures upgrade online shopping to cottage products can report

is also the fire through the entire network of 55 degrees cup, the sales price is from a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars, the same is a well-known foreign brands of handbags handbags, sea Amoy website, each other but the price is several times worse…… July 1st onwards, the newly revised patent law enforcement approach, the official implementation of the consumer online shopping to cottage goods can be reported to the patent department.

notice that, in order to better safeguard the e-commerce consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of patentees, from July 1st onwards, the patent administrative department if after receiving complaints, the review identified is patent infringement, business platform shall promptly delete or block related pages. In addition, the newly revised "patent administrative enforcement measures" in the strict law enforcement personnel certification and qualification management system, fully implement the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement and other aspects of sound, and to strengthen the field of electronic commerce administrative law enforcement etc..

Taiwanese mainland free endorsement of cross-strait personnel exchanges further facilitation of

The Ministry of Public Security announced

days ago, since July 1st, holding Taiwanese compatriots permits the opening port of mainland and stop residence in the mainland, without endorsement.

in accordance with the decision of the State Council on Amending the measures for the administration of Chinese citizens’ access to the Taiwan area, the exit Entry Administration of the public security organ shall, from 7>

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