Huang Xiuhong placards Gome breakout

CCTV advertising tender will vote 400 million pounds of electricity supplier business


reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

2013 CCTV gold resources bidding

in November 18th at the meeting, the first three quarters of 2012, the United States has been at a loss for the first time participants and spending billions of dollars. Obviously the United States expect CCTV platform propaganda can bring popularity of its online business, but the face of the business accounted for less than 5% of the real intention, will become the core channel providers to build the United States, a long period of time or only adhere to the dual core line path.

however, in the home appliance industry 26 years of hard work in the United States, so big publicity caused controversy in the industry.

766 attack frequently

past tepid business followers Gome, outbreak in 2013 CCTV gold resources at the tender advertisement, whether it is the subject of the amount, or at the top, the first time the United States is far behind the other business. The Spring Festival in 2013 for his period of intensive debut, from New Year’s day to the Spring Festival, the United States for the time advertising news broadcast 15 seconds before and during this period a high 215 million of the standard.

215 million is not the state of the United States for its 2013 debut in the CCTV cast the total amount. Chang Rong communication statistics show that the United States in 2013 CCTV advertising tender invested 450 million yuan in the Communist Party, ranked all companies put the total amount of $fourth.

vice president of the United States, spokesman He Yangqing said the United States had 80 million to $100 million per year in CCTV investment, in 2013 to raise to about $400 million. According to the reporter, Gome and Suning, Jingdong have hit CCTV "2013 Spring Festival New Year".

in the tender scene frequently lift 766 plate for the United States bid it is Wong Kwong Yu’s younger sister Huang Xiuhong, she is in charge of Gome holding group is Gome and Zhongguancun two listed companies of the parent company, and also controls the unlisted assets and eagle gome.

Huang Xiuhong’s debut is clearly a major shareholder of Gome electricity supplier business support. There are familiar with the industry in the United States told reporters that in the case of the cuckoo can not come forward directly, Huang Xiuhong’s appearance is the best choice for the United states. Her official identity and intimate relationship with Wong Kwong Yu, which can not only represent the will of the yellow family, but also on behalf of gome.


said that Huang Xiuhong to bid could mean that large shareholders are not satisfied with the business began to get involved in business.

early in May 25th this year, Gome disclosed in the announcement of the Wong Kwong Yu family has been through its subsidiary Beijing Yuedong Agel Ecommerce Ltd HK $90 million 90 thousand made Gome Gome online mall and coo8 two sites of the 40% stake, "

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