said a hundred dollars a day, a lot of friends may have to say that I was the title of the party. Worth mentioning, do not explain. This article is a rookie tutorial, everyone can understand, everyone can make use of mobile phones to do Taobao guest, earn a hundred dollars a day I do not promise to rely on your own efforts!

the title of the article I wrote about a day to earn 100 yuan, the beginning does not guarantee that we can guarantee day to earn 100 yuan, a bit contradictory. However, I said is the fact, because no matter what, some people do well, do not good. Why other people can earn hundreds of dollars a day, can’t you?

well, anyway, may have a lot of friends do not know what is Taobao, there are a lot of friends do not know how to do Taobao mobile phone customers, because they have seen Taobao – is operating on the computer, mobile phone can do Taobao off? Friends, no doubt, even the tiger Shao will not deceive you continue to look down.

first to say what is the next Taobao guest:

is a Taobao customer to clinch a deal the promotion mode, as long as Taobao customers from Taobao customers to promote the area code for goods, any buyers (including yourself) after your promotion (link, personal website, blog or community posts) to enter the Taobao seller store after the completion of the purchase, can be obtained by the seller pay the commission. Simply put, Taobao is to help customers to promote the sale of goods and get commission, the purchase must be effective shopping, that is, to confirm receipt.

to everyone on the phone how to do Taobao guest:

on the phone to do a lot of people do not know the way Taobao, but there are some, but most people do not know it. Since the article said at the end of day to earn one hundred yuan, I’ll tell you that can earn several hundred dollars, but still have to depend on you to be.

1, Taobao alliance mobile APP

I saw a few days ago, Taobao launched a mobile phone APP, I heard that you can do to make money Taobao. After seeing, I also experience the first time the Taobao alliance APP. Found some features are still very good, simple, convenient. Let us look at the Taobao alliance mobile APP screenshot, as follows:

above to wear is a Taobao union APP product promotion page, you can share to micro-blog, QQ space, WeChat circle of friends, as well as the function of the copy link and two-dimensional code picture. In other words, as long as you download the Taobao alliance APP can share the product to so many platforms, others through the link you buy the goods, you have a commission. Simple, I believe we will operate.

of course, it is easy to say that the promotion of products, but there are a few people will buy your product? Some people do not understand anything, as long as the product will be released to buy. Everyone in the release of product advertising, a few times a day can be separated from time to share, not a few seconds to share a few, I am afraid that others can not see. Therefore, we must take into account

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