seller business to do up, the supplier will spontaneously attached to the place, when the kernel hole, including the size of the family workshop, including hundreds of garment factories.

development 6 years of spontaneous formation of a complete ecosystem of transition bottlenecks and run away dilemma

a year ago, Guangzhou Panyu lirendong or a nameless village. December 2013, Alibaba Research Center announced the country’s 20 "Taobao village", as the only hole in Guangzhou Ren Ren list, instantly attracted the attention of the outside world.

6 years ago

wilderness areas, along with the Taobao village reputation, as well as a rich story spread into young entrepreneurs in droves to rent doubled surge in recent years. Hot Taobao village background, is a large number of businesses unbearable high cost and away helpless, security risks and industry norms such as village typical symptoms also surfaced. Reporter recently walked into lirendong village, for the people, development and growth process reveals a Taobao village road.

Panyu Ren hole: Guangzhou’s only official Taobao village

According to the definition of

Ali Research Center, "Taobao village" is more than the number of network operators to meet the local number of households is 10%, and the size of e-commerce transactions reached more than 10 million yuan.


network operators in rural areas to Taobao as the main trading platform, the formation of scale and synergy effect. From a global perspective, China’s Taobao village is a unique economic phenomenon.

is currently the country’s 20 "Taobao village", Guangdong occupy the second, Panyu, south of the village is one of the village (another in Jieyang), is the only one in Guangzhou.

Southern towns Panyu economic and trade office told reporters that in recent years, Taobao village with housing rent advantage and fellow (Chaoshanese based) Bangdai, in just a few years time gather a large number of businesses, making Taobao village scale expanded rapidly. At the same time, some businesses with the development momentum of Taobao village, to achieve the transition from small shops to large businesses, with annual sales of more than ten million yuan, and the construction of a modern office space."

Taobao: Factory – shop – ecological village express

from an unusual and slightly depressed village in the city, turned into thousands of businesses once gathered in the village of the country, in the case of Ren Dong, 2008 is an era of watershed.

30 year old Luo Wenbin, a "village lirendong agent", is the first batch of pioneer village. He said that the current situation of the Taobao village has basically reached the original idea of the founder – as long as rent a house, with a computer, you can start doing business. From the registered shop to purchase, delivery, including the transition to do service terminals, can be resolved in the village.

back to 6 years ago, everything is another scene. "At that time, there were not many cars passing by." Standing in front of their own processing plant, Mr. Zhang said with emotion.

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