December 12, 2016, the breadth of medicine · at the end of 2016; these electricity supplier orders will be ended successfully in Xuzhou Burton Wyndham San Jose Hotel. This series of orders will be held by Chinese medicine, business joint around large pharmaceutical business companies Qiangqiang jointly sprint year-end results. Xuzhou orders will attract more than 200 manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of the buyer to participate in the 1400.


strength rapid development

drug business is the only company in Jiangsu province was awarded by the State Food and Drug Administration "Internet drug business qualification certificate" (A20150008) of the enterprise. Howard Chinese medical city and relying on the electricity supplier Dalian Huaxin strong government resources and strong financial strength, since the mid 2016, launched the rapid development in the economic downturn, the industry has A new force suddenly rises. difficult situation, has become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical business enterprise, is recognized as the largest "dark horse pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry". With the consolidation of the pharmaceutical industry to strengthen the circulation, as well as the camp changed to increase and two votes in the implementation of the policy system, the capital began to choose to pour into the pharmaceutical B2B platform. These business platform can make the circulation channels more flat, so that the drug circulation more efficient, transparent, open and safe.

the second half of this year, Chinese medicine business big moves constantly, have held a medical Internet forum and exhibition in Taizhou, Kunming, Changsha, Suzhou City, a strategic partnership with the people, Huarun, southern medicine Fernando Feng pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group, National pharmacy and other well-known pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises. Thank you for the support of partners, these electricity suppliers in 2016 last month, the grand launch of 6 year-end large online ordering, for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies at the end of impulse power.


orders will be a huge strategic cooperation agreement signed 200 million

The first station

Xuzhou Fair for year-end large series of orders, the orders will be jointly organized by the Chinese medicine business, Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and breadth of Xuzhou Electronic Commerce Association, by the breadth of medicine combined more than and 200 well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide superior varieties and preferential price policy by Howard electricity suppliers to provide online trading platform for the northern region of Jiangsu, the downstream retail buyers to create a medicine man belongs to the year-end replenishment Carnival feast.

orders will be a hot atmosphere, purchasing orders are very active, turnover of up to 15 million yuan, including large brand best-selling varieties and high margin varieties, most of these varieties for the breadth of pharmaceutical sales TOP500. The order will be through the means of the Internet, the traditional offline order will be moved online, to achieve the low cost and high efficiency of drug procurement. In addition to ordering, Howard electricity supplier category management director, responsible for the procurement of former Nepstar chain pharmacy Li Ping also brought.

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