from the original business market fiery "hundred regiments", to create a great sensation of cats and dogs now, businesses and companies have come to realize: just rely on it the price war, although can bring traffic to the platform, good GMV digital, but its disadvantages are also obviously. On the burn subsidies to pull the user, profit is self-evident. Perhaps today because of their own platform to attract 10 yuan to attract users, but it will be a platform for its $15 discount, the user turned to its site. So in the past, will only become more and more big money hole, and more and more keep users. So really belongs to the platform marketing model, what is it?

Xiaobian think, should be a connection between the user and the user, the user and the merchant, the user and the platform, the connection between the merchant and the platform. Of course, interest, is the connection point of the most attractive, but the interest is merely endless subsidies? For each user to become a business, let every businesses become between the platform and the user button, it is a kind of more effective mode. It is reported that will be on the line in December 22nd, Hishop’s multi-user mall system Himall V2.2 full shop mode, is the perfect carrier of this model.

what is the full shop?

as its name implies, full shop is to make all the consumers have become a platform for sales. Platform users through the platform of commodity aggregation page to share or claim goods for sale, and get their own shops, after the purchase, the user can get some sales incentives.

what is the value of the whole shop model


1, social model, effectively improve efficiency, reduce costs

Most of the

platform to make money, but because of the need to model capital investment, there is one of the most fundamental reasons: misfits labor intensive mode and high efficiency heavy asset light assets in the internet. And with the help of Himall the whole shop, by all consumers to the sale of goods, not only save manpower, but also improves the user’s sense of participation, to the satisfaction of all birds.

2, everyone can shop, establish a strong relationship with the user

Internet era, the relationship between people is too fragile, pure subsidies are not enough to retain long-term customer retention. Through the Himall full shop features, each consumer can have a shop of their own. Compared to subsidies, giving consumers a shop, it is more likely to give consumers a long-term business. The old consumers said, does not require capital investment, do not need Yahuo to hoard goods, do not even need to deliver customer service remarkable temptation. For the platform, which brings considerable sales at the same time, but also to help the platform to deepen the relationship with consumers, the consumer firmly in hand.

3, from bottom to top, sales no dead angle

market share is a platform for every person, must pay attention to

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